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The Hors Pistes festival branches off online

This 1er February, Hors Pistes was to be launched down the slope of Forum -1 at the Center Pompidou. But, due to the health crisis, no ski lifts this year. The ambitious little festival that comes each winter to telescope the production of images and thought, while taking the pulse of creation and society, does not forfeit, therefore goes online.

The exhibition was in production when the hoped-for reopening of the museums was postponed, and half of the works are currently on display but inaccessible to the public. As for the encounters and performances component, the fifty or so guest artists and thinkers agreed to make a video version of it. The program of this 16e edition, entitled “The Ecology of Images”, is maintained in the form of digital events.

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“The theme of ecology and art has been widely discussed in recent years. We wanted to take it in both directions here: how the images represent ecological disaster, but also how the images themselves, despite their immateriality, participate in environmental degradation ”, summarizes Geraldine Gomez, programming manager.

Photosynthesis games

As for the exhibition (a visit to which will be offered online), images and installations have been chosen in that they bring into play different materials and textures of images, linked to technology, its uses and its possibilities. Built to be immersive and sensitive, it brings together pieces that in the process shake up points of view on the world, opening the focal point to animals, plants or digital, between reality, fictions and science-fiction.

The Hors Pistes festival branches off online

Sabrina Ratté’s 3D flower arrangements, a sort of virtual herbarium of extinct plant species, whose memory remains alive, rub shoulders with an astonishing rite from southern Italy documented by Michelangelo Frammartino, where the men of a village wander disguised as trees and covered with foliage. It is in the dark and through phosphorescence that the amazing games of photosynthesis of microalgae and photographic revelation of water pollution are discovered, imagined by Léa Giraud. The artist Seumboy Vrainom: €, which is defined as a “Digital shaman apprentice” with videos with a YouTube aesthetic that are as kitsch as they are trashy, revisits ecological questions through colonial heritages.

The rich program of around fifty meetings and screenings with artists and philosophers, authors or curators (Vinciane Despret, Kelly Reichardt, Nicolas Bourriaud, Marie Lechner, Hervé Aubron, Diane Scott, Anne Lafont, Huey Copeland, Gregory Buchert, Sammy Baloji … ) can be viewed on the Center Pompidou website, whose recent overhaul has made it possible to cushion the steep slope of the pandemic with more flexibility.

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