The home King Charles bought for the late Queen’s confidante

With its weathered brick façade and plastic window frames, it’s a far cry from the cottage of grace and favor she enjoyed for years as the Queen’s dresser.

But this £465,000 three-bedroom bungalow is a place Angela Kelly, 66, one of Queen Elizabeth’s closest confidants, can finally call home thanks to the king’s generosity.

As the Department of Health reported last year, Ms Kelly was asked to leave her Grade II listed cottage on the Windsor Estate within months of Her Majesty’s death in 2022.

However, Charles decided to honor his mother’s promise to house her dedicated employee for life by quietly purchasing a house.

Angela Kelly, 66, was one of the late Queen Elizabeth’s closest confidants.
The Yorkshire house that King Charles bought for Mrs Kelly, dresser and personal assistant to the late Queen.

Believed to be part of a deal barring Ms Kelly from sharing royal secrets, the 1980s-style property is 160 miles from Berkshire in the Peak District and boasts stunning views of the hills.

Paid directly into the royal family’s Coutts bank account, it is believed the property will revert to the Crown upon Ms Kelly’s death.

While perhaps a downgrade from its historic Windsor home, the bungalow has a spacious living room with gas fireplace, a cozy dining room, and an open kitchen.

Ms Kelly was asked to leave her Grade II listed cottage on the Windsor Estate (pictured) months after Her Majesty’s death in 2022.
Queen Elizabeth sits front row at a fashion show with Anna Wintour (third right), Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council (left) and royal dressmaker Mrs Kelly (second right) in 2018.

Ms Kelly has published two books about her collaboration with Her Majesty and is understood to have had permission from the Queen to write a third.

But while providing him with accommodation, a senior palace official acting for the king presented a non-disclosure agreement as part of the deal.

A well-placed source called the NDA a “gagging order” banning the dresser from using the words “King” and “Palace” for commercial purposes.

Ms. Kelly was adored by the late Queen, and in 2018 she even joined her and Vogue editor-in-chief Dame Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week.

Appointed a Member of the Royal Victorian Order in 2012, she was one of a handful of personal aides at the Queen’s side during her final days. But Ms. Kelly often ruffled the feathers of her colleagues and was nicknamed “AK-47” because of her temper.

When she returned to Windsor after the Queen’s death, carrying bags containing Her Majesty’s belongings, the locks to the castle’s royal apartments had been changed, ending her unfettered access.

In May last year, Ms Kelly was pictured preparing her picturesque cottage for a new life in the North, appearing overcome with emotion.

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