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the health pass will be compulsory from August 6 – RT in French

Like France, Italy has decided to impose a health pass for access to closed places such as bars and restaurants. The decision, which will apply from August 6, is rejected by some political figures like Matteo Salvini.

Italy will introduce on August 6 a compulsory health pass to access closed places such as bars and restaurants, the government led by Mario Draghi decided on July 22.

“The health pass is an instrument to allow Italians to continue their activities with the guarantee of not finding themselves among contagious people”, explained the Prime Minister during a press conference at the Palazzo Chigi, the seat of the government in Rome, at the end of the Council of Ministers having approved this measure.

In addition to the bars and restaurants, this pass will be required to enter swimming pools, sports halls, museums, cinemas and theaters as well as game rooms.

The health pass will also be required for sporting events, concerts, shows, fairs and conferences, particularly conducive to gatherings, sources of contamination. The discos will remain closed until further notice, but this sector will benefit from public aid.

The health pass, called “green pass“In the peninsula, can be delivered from the first dose of vaccine, but also to people cured of Covid and to those who have obtained a negative test in the previous 48 hours.

Hostility of Matteo Salvini

The adoption of the health pass was at the center of tensions within the government majority, the leader of the League Matteo Salvini having notably warned against “draconian, improvised and unmeasured choices excluding the majority of Italians from their right to right to work and to freedom of movement ”.

He had recently criticized this project inspired according to him by France by tweeting July 14: “We are not for extremism, neither on one side nor the other. The “French model” is not a model. #Greenpass for who takes the bus or a coffee? Out of the question. What does Draghi think? Ask him, but the extreme choices don’t appeal to me or him, let’s put it that way. ”

Italy is currently registering a few thousand new cases and few deaths every day, but the underlying trend is increasing.

“The Delta variant is threatening because it diffuses faster than the other variants,” warned Mario Draghi. “I invite all Italians to be vaccinated, and to do so immediately,” he urged, while rejoicing that “more than half of Italians have completed the vaccination cycle”.

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