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The health pass raises fears of a “double penalty” for the poorest – Coronavirus

Responsible for the Secours populaire in Puy-de-Dôme, Nicole Rouvert experienced a heartbreak when a family remained at the door of the bus during a recent outing to an animal park organized by the charity. “These people couldn’t come because they didn’t have a pass. “His wish:” Everyone must be able to be vaccinated, but we must do more education and not inflict a double penalty on people who already deprive themselves of everything.

Faced with the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the health pass, already mandatory since July 21 in cultural and leisure places, must be extended from August 9 to cafes, restaurants, mainline trains and domestic flights, as well as non-emergency patients and visitors to health establishments and retirement homes. Subject to the decision expected Thursday from the Constitutional Council, seized by Matignon and left-wing deputies. The latter contest a “disproportionate” generalization of the past, marking “several breaks in the principle of equality”.

For the Communist deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis, Stéphane Peu, “the health pass risks excluding more”. Within companies, where “the law also introduces into the labor code a differentiation between employees on fixed-term contracts or temporary workers and others, with a threat of net job loss” in the event of non-vaccination.

Also at school with a new health protocol that will “further increase social inequalities”, only non-vaccinated middle and high school students having to follow distance learning courses if a case of covid is detected in their class.

The map of the weakest vaccinations overlaps that of poverty, the digital divide, access to public services

Vaccine fracture

“Seine-Saint-Denis is the most contaminated and least vaccinated department, not because there is more antivax, but quite simply because there is a map of social inequalities which marks under-vaccination in a department where 30% of the inhabitants do not have an attending physician, ”insists Stéphane Peu.

Defender of Rights Claire Hédon raised ten points of alert about the extension of the health pass, in a document published on July 20. Among his concerns: “People living in poverty could be doubly victimized.”

“The map of the weakest vaccinations overlaps that of poverty, the digital divide, access to public services. The new measures thus carry the risk of being both harsher for precarious populations and of generating or increasing new inequalities ”, underlines Claire Hédon, who wonders“ about the additional resources that will be put in place to reach people living in poverty ”.

Three times the risk of forgoing care

On Monday, the Order of Physicians was “deeply concerned about the conditions for the implementation” of the health pass in health establishments “which should not deprive patients of care”.

Covid-19: the latest news live

A study by Dress (the statistical service of health and social ministries) published in July shows that poor people are three times more likely to forego care than others.

“We need more resources to reach out to these people and convince them,” insists Franck Dubois, responsible for family solidarity at Secours Catholique. “The health pass gives birth to inequalities: the public authorities, by wanting to protect us, only increase them. “

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