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The Hartford’s AARP Auto Insurance Program offers much more than your standard auto insurance policy. Its exclusive benefits and coverages include:

New car replacement cover

If you drive a new car that is totaled, the program may pay to replace it with a car of the same make and model – including the same equipment – as your totaled car. The program will do this without subtracting any amount for depreciation.


RecoverCare coverage reimburses you for services following a covered accident that you may not be able to do on your own. This includes house cleaning, lawn care, snow removal, transportation services, food preparation and dog walking.

Lifetime car repair insurance

The program has more than 1,600 repair shops in its authorized network with which it can put you in contact after a covered loss. It guarantees the quality of the repairs carried out in the stores of the authorized network as long as you rent or own your vehicle.

24/7 road assistance

The Hartford’s AARP auto insurance program provides 24/7 roadside assistance to members. By calling the dedicated phone number, you can receive help for emergencies such as a flat tire, dead battery or lost keys.

Liability for bodily injury

This standard coverage option can help protect you against financial loss if you are at fault in an accident that causes injury to another person. In most states, personal injury liability coverage is required.

Civil liability for material damage

Like personal injury liability coverage, property damage liability coverage is required in most states. This coverage can cover damage caused by your vehicle to property that does not belong to you. Examples of the types of property it can cover include other cars, fences, and mailboxes.

Collision coverage

Collision coverage is the type that can help pay for damage to your own vehicle if it is involved in a collision. State laws don’t require collision coverage, but if you lease or finance your car, your lender may require you to purchase collision coverage.

Full coverage

Comprehensive coverage can also pay for repairs to your vehicle. The difference is that comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle in the event of a natural disaster, theft, vandalism, or collision with an animal. It is also not required by state laws, but your lender may require it if you lease or finance your vehicle.

Coverage for uninsured / underinsured motorists

This type of coverage can cover the cost of bodily injury to you and your passengers and damage to your vehicle. It can be used if you are in an accident with a hit-and-run driver, an uninsured driver, or a driver who does not have enough insurance to cover the costs. This type of coverage is not required in all states, but you should check your state’s requirements to see if there is a minimum amount of uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage required where you live.

Medical payment coverage

Medical payment coverage is an optional type of coverage that can help pay for medical bills and rehabilitation costs. Unfortunately, this type of coverage is not available in all states, but if it is available in the state where you reside, it can be applied even if your accident occurs in another state.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Also known as no-fault insurance, this coverage can help cover losses from auto-accident injuries, regardless of who is responsible for the collision. It can cover medical bills, lost wages, and funeral costs. PIP is not available in all states, but is required in some states.

Full glass coverage

Full automatic glass coverage can help pay for damaged headlights, mirrors, and windows on your vehicle. This type of coverage is not available everywhere and can vary from state to state, but it could cover 100% of your damage at no cost to you.

Car towing cover

If your vehicle breaks down, you can use car towing coverage to help cover the costs of towing and repairing your car, including the costs of starting your car. Car Towing Coverage is completely optional, but may be good enough to add to your policy.

Personal Umbrella Cover

Although not mandatory, personal umbrella coverage can be useful for adding an extra layer of protection to other coverages in your auto insurance policy. If a loss covered by your insurance policy exceeds the limits of your liability coverage, it can step in to help pay the excess costs.

Gap insurance

Gap insurance is not required by state law, but may be required by your lender if you lease or finance your vehicle. If your vehicle is totaled or stolen, it can help pay the difference between your vehicle’s actual cash value and the amount you owe on your car loan at the time of the loss.

Rental car reimbursement coverage

If your car suddenly becomes unusable due to a covered loss, you may find yourself without a car for a while. Fortunately, this coverage can help pay for a rental car that you can use while your vehicle is being repaired. It is not required by any state, but could be a useful feature to add to your policy.

Rental car insurance

When you purchase an auto insurance policy, it is specifically for your personal vehicle (s). If your policy includes rental car insurance, it may cover damage to a rental car in the event of an accident.

Optional benefits

Forgiveness in case of accident

If all the drivers in your policy keep a clean driving record for 5 consecutive years, you are eligible for accident remission. Once this optional coverage is added to your contract, the program will forgive you for your 1st car accident without increasing your insurance premium.

Endangered franchise

If you keep a clean driving record, this optional feature can reduce your collision deductible over time.

The Hartford’s AARP auto insurance program has dedicated customer service resources. You can call roadside assistance 24/7 and reach general customer service by phone Monday through Saturday. There are also dedicated phone lines for auto claims, glass claims, and quotes.

However, customers who rate The Hartford’s AARP auto insurance program with trusted organizations like JD Power and Trustpilot offer a variety of opinions, not all of which are positive, so we had to lower the rating here slightly despite their multiple communication flows.

The Hartford’s AARP auto insurance program makes it easy to get personalized prices for you and what you want from your policy. You can fill out an online quote form, where you will be asked for information such as your name, address and date of birth. You will also need to include details about your car and select the covers that interest you.

This information will be used to create your quote, which you will receive automatically. You can also call The Hartford to request a quote. The quote is in the form of a monthly rate which will remain the same for 6 months.

The Hartford app allows you to streamline many important processes related to your auto insurance policy. The app is simple to navigate and provides easy access to your insurance ID cards and contacting customer service. You can also make payment, report a complaint, and request roadside assistance from the app’s home screen.

The Hartford’s AARP auto insurance program offers many unique features that are not available in most traditional auto insurance policies. It has all of the standard coverage of a typical auto insurance policy with the added benefit of features like New Car Replacement Coverage and RecoverCare.

The Hartford makes it easy to compare your auto insurance options. You can find information on how to qualify and get a quote on a dedicated webpage for The Hartford’s AARP auto insurance program, which also provides details on the exclusive coverage offered by the program.

Hartford’s AARP auto insurance program offers exclusive features that go beyond a traditional auto insurance policy. The only real downsides to this program are that it is not available for those under the age of 50 and you must be an AARP member.

Frequently Asked Questions

What coverage do i need?


What coverage do i need?


Ashley hart


You can check with your state to see the minimum coverage amounts it needs. If you are financing or leasing your car, you should also check with your lender.

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What are the optional coverages?


What are the optional coverages?


Ashley hart


Optional coverage means you don’t have to have the coverage, but you can choose to add it to your policy if you want.

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