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The guest – Mémona Hintermann: “I have seen many disasters but it was not my life” [Vidéo] – France

Former major reporter at France 3, former member of THAT’S ITMemona Hintermann, now a columnist for the “Midi Libre”, is a strong woman who is not afraid of anything. However, in her last book, “I did not know how to see nor hear”, published by Hugo doc, she makes her mea culpa after the suicide attempt of the journalist with whom she has lived for thirty years: Lutz Krüshe, former Paris correspondent for the German magazine “Der Spiegel”. A man with whom she has rebuilt her life and shared many professional experiences, especially during the fall of the Berlin Wall. Which had, it seems, never mourned the death of his daughter Tatiana, victim, several decades before, of a car accident.

Lutz disappears without giving any news, one evening in the Landes, near Hossegor, where the couple have a second home. Anguish rises and Mémona, who remained in Paris, coordinates the investigation.

One would believe reading a detective novel because the author, who handles descriptions with talent, spares the suspense. Eventually, with the help of loyal friends, Lutz is found in a coma, midday, inside his car near the oceanfront dunes.

Relief, guilt, then anger

Relief, but also guilt and, finally, anger for the wife who has come close to abandonment and through her book undertakes a form of personal therapy. From where arose his difficult childhood in Reunion. Suddenly, she launches into an investigation into the little-known realities of suicide much more widespread than we think.

“You know my trajectory, you know me, you know that I have seen many disasters in my professional life in countries at war and it is heavy to bear. But I always managed to cope because deep down it wasn’t my life. And you know Lutz, I had a trusting relationship with him. I’m trying to restore it. He was the linchpin of my life, he is the man who adopted my children legally, it is not nothing. I met him in Poland, at the exact place where the first cannon shot was fired during World War II ”.

Memona Hintermann marvelously describes this internal war that she had to face in spite of herself.

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