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“The first danger is stupidity, that is to say to make a bad diagnosis and to let us believe or let think that everything that happens to us is due to global warming. (…) Admittedly, going from 3 billion human beings to more than 7 billion today and to 9 or 10 in 2050 poses problems, but they will be much more solved by reason, science and negotiation than by obscurantism ”.

“I have always thought and written that the precautionary principle was stupid for a simple reason, and we have unfortunately had the demonstration, that in the event of an uncertain event, we could not take proportionate measures. So we saw that faced with this uncertain epidemic, it was not that uncertain, health specialists had written a book on it in 2006, uncertainty weighed on the date and the nature [de l’épidémie] “.

“But we can see that the precautionary principle has not protected us from having masks, tests, vaccines. So we can see that the precautionary principle is of no use except to slow down. Because what is striking in this affair is the very great prudence and the very great slowness of France. For example, the Frenchman who heads the Moderna laboratory telephoned the Ministry of Health last year, in April, and had no response. (…) Pastor, they bet on the wrong horse and they didn’t have enough money ”.

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