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The Guest – Hervé Fleury: “Lyonnaise cuisine is the reputation of our country” [Vidéo] – France

Hervé Fleury, vice-president of the Institut Paul Bocuse, was one of the first to take an interest in hotel marketing. After a brilliant career at Le Méridien, at Wagons Lits then Accord, he created, alongside Gérard Pélisson, the Paul Bocuse Institute in the suburbs of Lyon, whose reputation today equals the prestigious Lausanne hotel school.

In Lyon, capital of world gastronomy, “the history of Lyonnaise cuisine still inspires today what makes our country’s reputation (…). We are fortunate to have a country that has a table culture. It should be remembered that since November 2010, French table manners have been included in the intangible heritage of Unesco. (…) We have no lessons to teach the world, but the world is inspired by what characterizes French cuisine and in this we have a role, even today (…). ”

“Laurent Fabius is one of the rare ministers to have understood that gastronomy was something other than tourism and he really worked to have this specificity recognized and those who, on a daily basis, work to promote it”.

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