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The guest – Henri Bentégeat: “Cohabitation is a very bad system” [Vidéo] – France

“Cohabitation is a very bad system, at least as far as France’s foreign policy is concerned. You have to have experienced the ridiculousness of these international summits where France speaks with two voices (…), which also allows our foreign friends to play permanently between the two (…). It’s a disaster, ”said Henri Bentégeat during Hubert Coudurier’s program on Tébéo-TébéSud.

“(…) There was a fundamental rupture, but also for our armies, between Mitterrand and Chirac on a specific point which was the type of mission that we must entrust to our armies. For François Mitterrand who had invented this somewhat baroque concept that we called the peacekeeper, the armies had to serve humanitarian needs, they had to fulfill missions that were not necessarily war missions. And Chirac arrived with his own experience as a former officer in Algeria and he was convinced that the armies could only have one function which was to oppose violence by force. (…) Many people were wrong about Chirac after he refused to participate in the invasion of Iraq in 2003 ”.

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