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the green light from deputies to a controversial text

Behind its text undermined by successive controversies, La République en Marche (LRM) is united. The bill on comprehensive security was adopted on Tuesday, November 24, at first reading in the National Assembly. The LRM, Modem and Agir deputies, supported by the almost unanimous vote of the Republicans (LR) group, voted in favor of the text after four days of vigorous debates in the Chamber. Some 388 votes for and 104 against were cast among the 558 voting deputies at the end of the formal ballot.

For several weeks, the bill has been at the heart of strong tensions in the Chamber and in the street, where several thousand demonstrators have gathered to express their opposition to the text. On Tuesday, the Assembly was again surrounded by dozens of law enforcement vehicles, a symbol of the deep discord surrounding the text.

One point in particular still crystallizes concerns as much: Article 24, aimed at punishing the dissemination of malicious images of members of the police. A political promise made to the police by the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, who came to be added to a bill on the strengthening of the municipal police and the supervision of private security, carried by two LRM parliamentarians, Jean -Michel Fauvergue and Alice Thourot.

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“Today, who can imagine for a single second that in our law we are at this point deprived of measures which allow, for those who would seek to endanger the life of a police officer, to be brought before the courts? ? We already have provisions that exist, they must be applied ”, thunders the LRM deputy of Côtes-d’Armor Eric Bothorel, who voted against the bill. Sandrine Mörch, LRM MP for Haute-Garonne, also voted against, like a dozen of her colleagues from La République en Marche: “I do not want us to create a diversion in the face of a real problem, that of growing violence against the police, with a false law that is not used for much, if not add fuel to the fire between the police and the citizens. ”

This bill on global security continues to weaken the position of the majority on sovereign matters, also tested by the multiple and ambiguous statements of Gerald Darmanin. The remarks on a potential blurring of the faces of the police officers then on the need for an accreditation of the journalists with the prefecture to take part in a demonstration threw opprobrium on one of the rare texts initiated by the members of the group.

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