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By Nicolas CAMUT


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— What future for the European Green Deal?

— The government wants to favor heat pumps made in Europe

—Enrico Letta calls for better integration of European electricity networks

Hello everyone, It is Tuesday April 16. Yesterday evening Thierry Breton took up his pen to give his ideas in favor of a New deal European Union on industry and competitiveness. He proposes, among other things, a text dedicated to nuclear power, and insists on a “single energy market” with investments in infrastructure. Ideas far from being just his own, as you will read below.

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A PACT ON RESPONSIBILITY. If you want to hear (more) from the main leaders of the European elections on climate issues, Jean-Marc Jancovici will cook it at the end of the day, during a debate on the future of the European Green Deal.

The big absentee: the leader of the National Rally Jordan Bardella, replaced by the party’s Mr. Energy, the deputy Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

On this occasion, your servant looked into the future of this set of European texts supposed to guarantee the green transition of the continent, at the dawn of the shift to the right which is announced according to the polls and which could call it into question. It can be read here.

On the RN sideit is announced that “everything will be unraveled”, to use the words of an influential Lepénist advisor, while LR calls for a “brake” to be put on the Green Pact – positions which arouse serious concerns among Environmentalists.

To ensure a future for the Green Dealthe center wants to reconcile it with the issues of sovereignty and reindustrialization dear to the right-wing parties.

Green customs. Renaissance MEP Pascal Canfin, president of the European Parliament’s environment committee and as such one of the main architects of the Green Deal, is calling for the creation of a “Green Deal Frontex” dedicated to monitoring environmental rules — a idea since taken up by the head of the Renaissance list Valérie Hayer.

It counts for this on the support of the European People’s Party (EPP), the largest group in Parliament and of which the “very large part” is not opposed to the Green Deal “from the moment it makes sense from an economic point of view”, according to son analyze. It’s all in my paper.

At 9:30 a.m., meeting of the Higher Energy Council, including a decree on technologies favorable to sustainable development, and another on photovoltaic shade structures.

At 9:30 a.m.start of the second day of the meeting of European energy ministers in Brussels.

At 18 hoursdebate between the heads of the European list on the future of the Green Deal, organized by the Angers Shifters, moderated by Jean-Marc Jancovici.

Senate and National Assembly: Always on holidays.


PACK OF MEASURES FOR HPS. Buy European to boost the Made in France : this is how we can resume the plan on heat pumps (PAC) unveiled yesterday. From next year, the executive intends to “reserve” public aid for European CAPs. Same instructions for public orders.

On the household side, Roland Lescure announced a “consumer protection plan” to respond to concerns about defects and scams, with the objective that “at least” half of the PACs be subject to “systematic control”.

On the labor side, the government wants to help the sector to train, notably with the creation this year of a dedicated center of expertise.

Not a word, on the other hand, on the main expectation of the sector, which your newsletter told you about yesterday: extending the simplification of MaPrimeRénov aid beyond January 1, 2025. Surveyed by POLITICO, the French Association for Heat Pumps nevertheless welcomes “announcements “very positive”.

As a bonus, this cajoling by Bruno Le Maire for the industry: “You make the best heat pumps on the planet. »

ONE UNION, ONE NETWORK. To “take advantage of all the advantages of the single market”, the European Union must invest massively in its energy infrastructure, explains former Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta in the introduction to a highly anticipated report that POLITICO was able to consult in advance. first.

More integration. He calls for the establishment of an “integrated framework between the European framework and the national level” in the energy sector.

Translation : it is necessary to strengthen the interconnectivity of existing European infrastructures and develop a network connected to that of its non-European “strategic partners” to the “east, south and beyond”.

Prez for the chefs. The former Prime Minister will present his report at a summit of European heads of state on Thursday in Brussels, which Emmanuel Macron is due to attend. The leaders of the 27 could call for “the achievement of a true energy union”, according to a draft of the conclusions consulted by my colleague Barbara Moens.

TIME TO RUMINATE. It took almost three months. Published on January 25, the report of the High Council for the Climate (HCC) on agriculture and climate transition will probably only be submitted today to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty Marc Fesneau, by Corinne Le Quéré, president of the high council.

“A 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from the agricultural sector by 2050 is achievable, provided it is accompanied by a reduction of at least 30% in consumption of products of animal origin” , estimates the HCC report which recalls that “greenhouse gas emissions from the food system represent a significant part (22%) of France’s carbon footprint”.

Reporting. These recommendations are perhaps the explanation for the delay between publication and submission of the report. Your newsletter reminds you, if you had forgotten, that on January 25, farmers were mobilized on the French roads, and that the report strongly encourages them to eat less meat, which would have been enough to anger them even more.

The executive walks on oxen on this topic. Government ecological planning focuses on reduced imports, better “efficiency” in breeding and the “trend decline in cattle herds”, mainly due to retirements to achieve emissions reduction targets. The livestock plan presented at the Agricultural Show at the end of February also encourages the “omnivorous diet”, insisting on the fact that “respect by each of the nutritional objectives (allows) the achievement of collective commitments on the climate”.

“The solution is to produce better and produce in France,” insisted an advisor to the minister by text message yesterday, according to whom this report does not advocate “the decapitation of French livestock.”

RENTAL FREE. The French Electricity Union is opposed to any further tampering with the contribution on inframarginal rents, while a intervention force was set up by the Prime Minister to generate new revenue by attacking annuities, and that Bruno Le Maire regretted that the contribution imagined in 2022 had not been as fruitful as hoped.

Bad Signal». The electricity lobby points out that wholesale prices have fallen sharply since 2022 – and therefore that there is no longer any rent effect – and declares that a modification, a fortiori retroactive would be “a bad signal for investments in the energy transition”.

— Anxious to preserve energy prices on world markets, the United States would like Ukraine to stop attacking Russian refineries. The Washington Post tells you more (in English).

— The new British Energy Minister, the Conservative Justin Tomlinson, opposed the increase in the production of electric vehicles when he was an MP. My London colleague Abby Wallace talks about it here (in English).

— Undermined by internal divisions, Environmentalists are hoping for a start. Decryption in the columns of Le Monde.

A big thank you to our editor Alexandre Léchenet.


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