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The government wants to fight against the upsurge in animal abandonment – France

The government has decided to act against the abandonment of animals. According to France Info, these increased by 14% in June compared to June 2019. The sites of the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) are close to saturation and the association ensures that it will not be “soon no longer able to take charge of new animals ”.

20 million euros to expand shelters

The first part of the plan therefore aims to relieve the 800 refuges in France, in high tension. The State will therefore release 20 million euros to expand these reception areas. That of the Hermeray SPA (Yvelines) is no exception. Here, “we are overloaded,” warns Claire Brissard, who manages the refuge. “On the dog side, it’s starting in earnest. Cats are catastrophic, ”she explains. Indeed, the refuge welcomes 115 more cats in 2021 compared to 2019. And for good reason, these animals are the most abandoned in France.

Containment has also changed the profile of abandoned animals. “We have a lot of kittens,” says Claire Brissard. “Some owners have used confinement to tell us ‘I couldn’t have him sterilized’. During confinement, the animal therefore occupied the person well and when she regained her former life, she forgot the animal that accompanied her. Rodents have also borne the brunt of these behaviors.

SPA members welcome to their homes

To manage the influx of newcomers to this refuge, the members of the SPA are adapting as best they can. “We have to make room, push the walls, separate spaces to be able to accommodate other cats in the cattery,” says Sabine Lédéquerre, animal agent.

This year, members are even expected to welcome kittens into their homes. Indeed, they are too young to be placed in foster care. “From the start, I have already had ten kittens at home,” says Sabine.

Two to three years in prison in case of abandonment

To limit dropouts, the government will strengthen sanctions. They will thus spend two to three years in prison. In addition, a prevention component will be deployed. Thus, an awareness campaign will be set up via posters on the motorway areas, because 60% of the 100,000 annual abandonments are made in these places.

The authorities will also require anyone wishing to adopt an animal to read a charter. This document will remind you that an animal requires time and money, that it is necessary to take care of care, identification and vaccines. The goal is to avoid impulsive adoptions which are the main cause of abandonment.

The SPA insists: it is a thoughtful act, which engages.

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