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the government is studying a withdrawal of the health pass for those who refuse the 3rd dose – RT in French

Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne said on October 14 that the French government was not ruling out the possibility of withdrawing the health pass from citizens who would refuse a third dose of vaccine against Covid-19.

Invited from Europe 1 on October 14, the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne spoke on the fact of making the possession of a health pass conditional on a third dose of vaccine against Covid-19.

“It’s something that we are looking at, in any case it is not decided today”, she replied to her interlocutor, Sonia Mabrouk, who had just asked her: ” can you lose your health pass if you refuse for one reason or another to take the third dose? ” “We are there to protect the French against the virus. When we received our second dose more than six months ago, we see it in other countries, immunity drops and therefore the objective is obviously to remain protected with the vaccine, ”argued the Minister.

The appearance on the air of Elisabeth Borne comes the day after the publication of Chained duck of October 13, in the columns of which one could read in particular that the idea of ​​”removing the advantages of the health pass to all those who have not had their third dose more than seven months after the second” would have been proposed by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran, on the occasion of a “Health Defense Council” dating back to October 6.

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