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the government intends to restore the state of health emergency in Guadeloupe – RT in French

The government intends to establish a state of health emergency in Guadeloupe where the prefecture reports an intensification of the circulation of Covid-19. The amendment was introduced by the executive during debates in the National Assembly.

During an intervention in the Senate on July 21, Secretary of State Adrien Taquet said that the government intended to restore the state of health emergency in Guadeloupe due to an “extremely rapid deterioration of the situation on the territory. ”In the context of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In Guadeloupe, the incidence is 81 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the number of positive cases last week increased by 61% compared to the previous one.

Referring to the current examination of the health bill, he declared that “an amendment aimed at reinstating the state of health emergency in Guadeloupe [avait] introduced by the government during debates in the National Assembly ”.

“Vaccination deficit”

“Until the promulgation of the law [en août] the government plans to issue a decree that would allow the earlier establishment of this state of emergency, ”he said during the questioning session to the government.

This decree must be taken by the Council of Ministers, the next of which is to be held on Wednesday July 28. As AFP reports, the government is above all alerted by the “vaccination deficit” in this territory, which could lead to a rapid congestion of health services.

“The vaccination coverage rate of the population is only 26%”, pointed out Adrien Taquet, pleading for “to develop the strategies [s’appuyant] in particular on local communities ”.

The Secretary of State more generally qualified as worrying the situation in the Overseas, while the state of health emergency has already been reinstated in Martinique and Reunion.

This exceptional regime makes it possible in particular to limit the movement of people, or even to order local re-containment in the event of overly active circulation of the virus.

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