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The GOP lawmaker is trying to shame Democrats over vaccinations.  Except that they are all vaccinated.

Representative Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) on Thursday tried to shame Democrats for not saying whether they had been vaccinated against COVID-19, except that every Democratic lawmaker is vaccinated and confirmed it, unlike a large portion of Republicans who are not ‘unvaccinated or will not say.

Jackson, a former White House doctor, was trying to hijack a reporter’s question about whether it was hurting Republicans’ efforts to urge the public to get vaccinated when so many do not disclose their own status.

“I think you, as the press, also have a responsibility to ask Democrats questions,” Jackson said. “How many Democrats are ready to say whether they’ve been vaccinated or not?

In fact, in mid-May, Democratic lawmakers in the House and Senate had a 100% vaccination rate, according to a CNN survey of all lawmakers.

That same survey found that at least 44.8% of House Republicans and 92% of Senate Republicans are vaccinated. But 112 GOP offices did not respond to multiple inquiries from CNN about their immunization status.

Jackson then raised questions about the immunization status of more than 50 Texas Democratic lawmakers in Washington, DC this month. They are squatting in the nation’s capital until early August to break the quorum in the Texas State House to stop a voter suppression bill. In recent days, six of them have tested positive for the coronavirus, despite having been vaccinated.

“What about the Texan delegation? Jackson asked. When a reporter pointed out that they were all vaccinated, he suggested that some were lying.

“Well, they said so, including the six that tested positive. Do we have any proof of this? He asked. “I highly doubt that all six people have been vaccinated and tested positive for this virus. So you guys have to keep your feet on the fire.

None of the COVID-19 vaccines are 100% effective, and with the new, more contagious delta variant of the virus taking hold, there will be more breakthrough cases, where fully vaccinated people will be positive.

The bottom line, however, as Jackson should know as a doctor, is that the vaccine works as intended: it prevents people from getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19, and when there is a breakthrough case, the symptoms are far less severe or even not detectable.


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