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“The fourth wave is here,” says Olivier Véran – RT in French

In an interview with RTL’s microphone, Olivier Véran estimated that France was entering a fourth epidemic wave of the Covid-19 virus and described a 100% to 130% increase in cases in one week, especially among young people.

Questioned by RTL on July 20, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran said that a fourth epidemic wave of Covid-19 was affecting France and gave details of the measures wanted by the government. He notably declared: “Very large shopping centers will have the sanitary pass applied, but we will not prevent people from accessing food or essentials.”

The minister also established a distinction between vaccinated people and others: “What could be recorded is that if you are doubly vaccinated, you would no longer be declared a contact case when you were in contact with a sick person. […] except situation like living under the same roof as a fragile person. “

And to add: “We will see if the dynamics [épidémique] change the game. We are going to give ourselves a little flexibility […] and then we will undoubtedly change this rule. ”

Regarding the evolution of the epidemic, the one who replaced Agnès Buzyn rue de Ségur at the start of the coronavirus crisis affirmed “yes, the fourth wave is here” with “100% to 130% increase in cases in one week”. According to him, today is “an epidemic of young people.” And to clarify: “The 20-30 year olds, in some departments, are those who have the highest incidence rate. We understand why: it is that young people are less protected […], the good news is that they do less serious forms. “

This focus on young subjects resonates with a letter from the High Council for Public Health (HCSP) sent to the Senate on July 13 and made public on July 19, in which the institution recommends greater use of the health pass in the population. general and particularly in schools: “The health pass [devrait être] more widely used to reduce the risk of contamination while allowing vaccinated people to gradually return to professional, cultural and leisure activities. In particular, its use must be studied when resuming lessons in schools and universities to limit contamination in these collective places. “

In the same document, the High Council also recommends compulsory vaccination for caregivers and health personnel in contact with fragile or vulnerable people, as well as an “active policy to combat vaccine hesitation”.

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