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The Fonderie de Bretagne offered to 194 companies, two visited it – Fonderie de Bretagne: what future?

An extraordinary CSE was held on Tuesday, July 20 at the Fonderie de Bretagne, to allow the presentation of the Ersnt & Young firm, responsible for finding a buyer for the Caudan plant. The firm is mandated by Renault, with specifications. A first phase of preparing the file took place before the second phase, that of prospecting, which should last three to four months and which began in May. “194 buyers were identified, a presentation document was sent to them, 100 responded and 16 signed a confidentiality clause allowing them to access company data, human resources, land, financial report, etc. There were two visits, including a rank 1 industrialist who is not a founder, ”reports Maël Le Goff, CGT secretary of the Fonderie de Bretagne. The companies contacted are automobile manufacturers, non-automobile industries, shipbuilding, foundries. Of the 16 who want to go further in the study, five are industrialists, ten are financial investors and a request is spontaneous.

Solid offers expected for September 27

Employees are not reassured by this presentation. “What worries us is that they are talking about everything and also about reconversion, but we keep as an example the Fonderie du Poitou which is now liquidated”. How much is the Fonderie de Bretagne worth? This question was asked by the elected representatives of the CSE to the Ersnt & Young firm, which does not provide an answer for the moment. “They say that it depends on the project and they give us no idea,” explains Franck Henrio. The consulting firm wants solid offers for September 27, which suggests to employees that Renault would like the matter to be settled by the end of the year. “Renault executives say they will stay as long as there are no buyers, but for how long? “, Ask the employees. The CSE should meet again with Ersnt & Young “at the end of September and beginning of October”, to perhaps obtain more information on potential buyers.

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