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The evolution of delinquency in Rennes in graphs [Infographie] – Tensions in Rennes after a settling of scores

How do Rennes people perceive insecurity? What is their feeling? Their expectations? Lhe Monthly of Rennes and Le Télégramme reveal the results of the consultation carried out by the City on security issues. Summarized in an eight-page document, called the “white paper”, these conclusions will determine the strategy pursued by the Breton capital over the next five years.

The first chapter of the document is devoted to assessment of the period 2015-2020.

Since 2015, general delinquency has increased by 13.7%. A phenomenon which is not specific to the Breton capital. It confirms what Monthly and The Telegram have already written in recent years or months (read here or the).

This increase is the result of various factors, notes the White Paper: more delinquency incidents, stronger activity by the police, more complaints filed for facts which previously did not give rise to a complaint, etc.

More generally, we must be wary of… Statistics. Delinquency is an eminently complex phenomenon. The published data must therefore be handled with great care.

Beyond statistics, the results of the White Paper point in particular to phenomena of:

– “increase in the visibility of drug trafficking”, marked by “an appropriation of public and private spaces” by the dealers, sources of tension between residents and traffickers. The attractiveness of the networks vis-à-vis the youngest is also confirmed (children aged 10 to 12)

– trivialization of the phenomena of violence among young people

– an extension to all districts of the disorders linked to festive gatherings and alcohol consumption on the public highway

– A sharp increase in complaints for sexual abuse

– The “significant” deterioration of security conditions in the city center of Rennes, “largely attributed to young foreigners wandering around”

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