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The electric motor that is sold in a box and can be adapted to any car

A compact and efficient engine. Each Ford Eluminator has 284CV, so placing two in a vehicle, exceeds 500 CV of power

As has been said on countless occasions, the arrival of electric cars will represent a great change for the automotive world in general. It will not only be perceived on the streets, in the environment and in the aesthetics of cars, that will show a completely different landscape, but will also have an impact on the automotive industry itself, but also in other ancillary or complementary industries, such as auto parts or the mechanical workshop.

While the change will be slow in regions far from the epicenter of the automotive world, they are already several voices that are raised showing concern for a change that will be profound if the current trend continues. And there are two very clear positions in this regard.

The electric motor that is sold in a box and can be adapted to any car
The CEO of Toyota, Akio Toyoda, is one of the executives who advanced that the massive arrival of electric cars can generate a lot of unemployment in the current automotive industry

Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation says it fears that a conversion that is too fast will leave a balance of more than five million unemployed of the automotive industry only in Japan, or Hubert Aiwanger, the Minister of Economy of the state of Bavaria states that he does not want his province “Be a second Detroit”.

Other industry players and many governments, even if they do not say it so crudely, believe that just as one day video clubs or audio cassettes disappeared, and paper newspapers will soon disappear, one day internal combustion engines will disappear, and the manufacturers of connecting rods, pistons, crankshafts, valves, and so many parts to be produced for those engines, they will have to convert your industry in another area. And the mechanical workshop they will simply have to repair other types of damage, because cars will still have front end, steering, suspension and body parts.

The electric motor that is sold in a box and can be adapted to any car
Down the hood there is no gasoline engine but an electric and a covered luggage compartment

But the deadlines are ahead and this is the case of first engine produced by an automotive company, thought to be applied to any car wanting to replace the fossil fuel engine with one or two electric motors.

The company is Ford, the engine is called Eluminator and it is the same that equips the Mustang Mach-E GT, one of the best-selling new electric cars in the US It is a 284 hp engine with a touch of 430 Nm and is sold according to the system of “Crate Engine”, that is, an engine that it is delivered closed in a box, and what can be used to apply to any car of any brand. And while the engine is sold alone, without batteries or converters, the cost is truly affordable: $ 3,900.

The electric motor that is sold in a box and can be adapted to any car
The interior of the F-100 Eluminator, mixes the truck, a Mustang and an electric car

The best way to promote it was to present a prototype at the famous Transformed Cars Fair called Sema Show, in Los Angeles. There you could see a Electric version of a 1978 Ford F-100 Pickup, completely converted to electricity with two of these motors.

Beyond the exterior aesthetics, with a gray paint and copper-colored details, 19-inch wheels and headlight trim and trim accents, when the door is opened and enter the cabin, there is a kind of time travel. The interior setting is very similar in conceptual details to that of the Mustang, replacing the board with a screen and incorporating a larger one in the center of the cabin, Besides of leather steering wheel and sports seats.

The electric motor that is sold in a box and can be adapted to any car
Even the classics of 40 years ago, can be electrified with this proposal of electric motors produced by Ford

“This F-100 Eluminator is a concept designed to show how we are going to support our customers who want to go electric and want a zero emissions world for the future, even using classic vehicles”, said Eric Cin, Director of Vehicle Personalization and Accessories Ford Motor Company.

It is a first step. In various parts of the world, cars are converted from fuel to electricity. But they run into homologation and cost problems, which reduces the number of customers to an almost negligible figure. That a factory of the magnitude of Ford be the one who takes the step to sell these approved engines and licensed in all 50 states from the USA, it may be a a guarantee that encourages more people to make the leap.


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