The ‘Destiny 2’ Blast Furnace And Luna’s Howl God Rolls For This Week’s Onslaught

This is the final week of weapon additions for Destiny 2’s Into the Light content update, one where the weapon timing has been reduced to three weeks rather than ending at just a week or two before The Final Shape.

As of today, the final two weapons are active, the Black Armory Era Blast Furnace and Luna’s Howl, an OG Crucible God. Both are completely transformed for their return, just like everyone else, and are definitely worth farming in Destiny 2 today. Here are the divine scrolls for each one you might want to chase, shiny or otherwise.

Blast Furnace Divine Scrolls (Kinetic Pulse Rifle)

  • Kinetic Tremors/Firefly – This is what I would say is an interesting PvE roll, although something you can also get on Hung Jury this time around, so it’s not. that unique. Something is rumbling or exploding at any moment, and I call it the “volcano” roll.
  • Keep Away/Quick Hit or Kill Clip – These are solid PvP throws, although I think it will take a lot to make it the top pick over Elsie’s rifle for assault weapon dominance in PvP, as this weapon is the most popular in the fashion right now.
  • Zen Moment or Headseeker/Rapid Hit – Another set of PvP throw mixes if you want ultimate stability or an increase in precision damage.
  • Shoot to Loot/Firefly – I learned that yes, like Dragonfly, these two synergize so you can collect that flying ammo when Firefly blows someone’s head off.
  • Kinetic tremors/One for all – A little annoying maybe, but yeah, Tremors triggers one for all if it hits enough enemies, so that’s pretty cool.

Luna’s Howl God Rolls (Solar Hand Cannon)

  • Healing/Incandescent Clip – Ha, yes, I’m actually going to go for a PvE focused Luna Howl throw. I never thought I would see the day. But it’s my favorite combo on other weapons lately, so I’m excited to have it on this classic hand cannon here.
  • Healing Clip/Killing Clip – Heal/kill synergy at the same time, although this obviously depends on what mode you’re using it for.
  • Eye of the Storm or Slideshot/Magnificent Howl – Yes, Magnificent Howl isn’t what it once was, but you’ll definitely want to give it a try in its new form. These can make good pairings.
  • Eye of the Storm or Slideshot/Precision Instrument – If it turns out that Magnificent Howl sucks, you might be better off going that direction. If you’re confident in your ability to kill, Kill Clip as a replacement, perhaps.
  • Subsistence/Incandescence – I won’t really know how this feels until I get my hands on it, but sustenance is better on lower level content where attacks with the red bar require fewer shots. Still, you might be able to put together a giant magazine.

These are my choices, open to suggestions for more.

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