The Delta Emulator is changing its logo after Adobe threatened it

Delta Emulator is ditching its current logo for a different branding, which has yet to be revealed, because Adobe thinks Delta’s stylized letter “D” is a little too close to its stylized letter “A” for comfort.

It’s not every day you see an app changelog containing information about a legal threat, but get a glimpse:

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The situation unfolded quickly, according to emails shared by Delta creator Riley Testut. The edge:

On May 7, Adobe’s lawyers contacted Delta with a firm but kind written request to go after a different icon, an email that did not contain an explicit threat or even use of the word infringement — it merely suggested that Delta might “not intend to confuse consumers or otherwise violate Adobe’s rights or the law.”

But Adobe didn’t wait for a response. On May 8, a day later, Testut received another email from Apple this suggested that its app might be in danger because Adobe had claimed Delta was violating its intellectual property rights.

“We responded to Apple and Adobe explaining that our icon was a stylized Greek letter delta – not an A – but that we would still update the Delta logo to avoid confusion,” Testut tells us.

The icon you currently see on the App Store is only temporary, he says, because the team is still working on a new logo. “The App Store and AltStore versions have been updated with this temporary icon, but the plan is to update them with the final logo updated with Delta 1.6 once complete.”

Adobe has A logo quite similar to Delta’s, and all Adobe logos contain stylized triangles with almost identically shaped space. There has been such a gap since 1982, when Marva Warnock, the wife of company co-founder John Warnock, first designed the brand.

But Adobe adopted a negative space version of the logo in 1993 and has used it ever since, a version that’s harder to confuse with Delta:

I certainly didn’t think of Adobe when I first saw the Delta logo.

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