The Definitive List of Wacky American City Names

Ding Dong.

Coal eye.


The United States is full of city names that sound like works of fiction.

I mean, how many curious questions do you answer every day if you work at the Smut Eye, Alabama Chamber of Commerce?

Smut Eye along with a multitude of wacky city names across the United States help make each state unique.

We’ve combed through list after list of the strangest, strangest, and somewhat naughty city names in every state to create a comprehensive definitive collection of incredible facts about each place.

Sure, some of these places have funny names, but there’s also a fascinating history tied to each of these towns.

I bet you can’t guess where Ketchuptown, South Carolina got its name. Do you even know where the “nation’s icebox” is?

Besides weird facts, be sure to check out each entry below for even more peculiar city names by state.

The definitive list of the strangest, strangest, and downright dirty city names in every state

We’ve combed through list after list of the weirdest, weirdest, and somewhat naughty city names in every state. From Smut Eye to Ding Dong, you can discover incredible facts about each of these cities below.

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