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The Daily Beast: Gaetz associate wrote in letter that Congressman paid for sex with a minor

The letter was written after Greenberg asked Roger Stone, a close ally of former President Donald Trump, to help him secure a pardon during the final months of Trump’s tenure, the outlet reported.

“On more than one occasion this individual has been involved in sexual activity with several of the other girls, the congressman from the 1st Florida Congressional District and myself,” Greenberg wrote in the letter with reference to the minor. , according to The Daily Beast.

“Every now and then money or gifts of gasoline, rent or partial school fees were paid to several of these girls, including the person who was not yet 18. I saw acts occur firsthand and Venmo transactions, application Cash or other payments have been made. made to these girls on behalf of the congressman. “

CNN has not seen the letter and cannot verify the details of The Daily Beast’s story.

In earlier drafts of the letter obtained by The Daily Beast, Greenberg claims that he and Gaetz had sex with a minor they thought was 19 at the time, but later learned he was a minor.

“I immediately called the congressman and warned him to stay away from this person and informed him that she was a minor,” Greenberg wrote, according to the outlet. “He was also shocked and disturbed by this revelation.”

News of the letter is sure to fuel further scrutiny of Gaetz, which the Justice Department is investigating into allegations of sex trafficking and prostitution.

A Gaetz spokesperson told CNN in a statement Thursday evening: “Congressman Gaetz has never paid for sex, nor has he had sex with a 17-year-old teenager at the age of adult. Politico has reported Mr. Greenberg’s threats to make false accusations against others as The Daily Beast story contains a lot of confessions from Mr. Greenberg, adds nothing substantive, and certainly no evidence outlandish and false claims about Representative Gaetz.. Gaetz had long been out of touch with Mr. Greenberg and had no interest in getting involved in Mr. Greenberg’s affairs. “

Greenberg’s attorney declined to comment on CNN, citing attorney-client privilege.

In a series of messages exchanged through the encrypted messaging app Signal and obtained by The Daily Beast, Greenberg wrote to Stone: “If I get you $ 250,000 in Bitcoin, that would help or isn’t it a financial matter. . “

“I understand all of this and have taken it into consideration,” Stone replied, according to the outlet. “I’ll know more in the next 24 hours. I can’t push too hard because of the nonsense surrounding forgiveness.”

“I hope you’re willing to transfer $ 250,000 to me because I feel confident,” Stone later wrote to Greenberg.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Thursday night that Stone told him he wasn’t buying this, that he didn’t help, that he never took money from anyone, that he didn’t get remembered no letters and had never heard of Greenberg involving Gaetz. He told Cuomo that The Daily Beast’s text communications are out of context and incomplete, and that he never tried to secure a pardon from Greenberg.

Stone told the Daily Beast that Greenberg tried to hire him to help him get a pardon, but he denied asking or receiving payment. He told the media outlet that he asked Greenberg to prepare “a document explaining his prosecution.”

CNN previously reported that Greenberg had provided investigators with information since last year, including information about encounters he and Gaetz had with women who had received money or gifts in exchange for sex.


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