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The cry of love from a Breton teacher to the students of Segpa

Segpa, as “Adapted general and vocational education section”. In the classes of Segpa college where he works Alice versal, somewhere at the Breton point, we find Machin, Choupette, Terminator, P’tit Biscuit, Miss Tamalou, Tartempion, Zinzin, la Castafiore or even Droppy.

Little sad or funny things

Everyone has their own profile, everyone has their own name. Here are the heroes of “Wing Repairer”. For real, these students walked through the doors of Alice Versal’s classroom in 2020-2021. Every day of the past year, their versatile teacher (she teaches math, French, history-geography, physical sciences and life sciences, from 6th to 4th) wrote a little end of their lives. The texts gave news and the news, a book, released by Librinova, September 13, 2021.

She left everything for them

There was no question of revealing their real name, nor for that matter of confiding his own. Alice Versal advances masked, with a nickname. Out of modesty, she said, and out of respect. “I do not have a face to appear at the head of the gondola !,” quips the 48-year-old teacher. And then, I want to be able to continue working in peace ”. Her freedom of tone is also important to her. Humor being the politeness of despair, the teacher sketches without make-up and in detail the little things of the daily life of the Segpa, sad and funny at the same time. These kids “damaged, exhausted, broken” who, since entering college, “have lost a good bundle of feathers”, she writes, she did choose them.

I could have continued to teach CM2 and remain a school principal. Except that I no longer had any surprises, no fancy. Good students, I admit, bored me

In 2015, Alice Versal left everything for them. “I could have continued to teach CM2 and remain a school principal,” she sums up. Except that after sixteen years in the same position, I already had no more surprises, no fancy. Good students, I admit, bored me ”. Never two feet in the same hooves, the mother (three children on the clock) runs, rides and has been shooting for a long time also with the pistol. Normal that in writing, she nicknamed herself Calamity.

Subtitled “Calamity en Segpa”, Alice Versal’s book compiles the news inspired by her daily life as a teacher (François Destoc / Le Télégramme)

Anger, violence, tears …

Back to school 2016. With her Certificate of Professional Aptitude for Inclusive Education Practices (CAPPEI) in hand, “mistress” turns into “daronne”. “I started with 16 students from 3rd Segpa, including 14 guys, all taller than me. The first month, I felt like I didn’t know anything about my job. I was the fourth on the job in four years, I wiped out the anger, discovered the violence. What did I cry about! “

Don’t touch that, little con!

To hold out, Alice Versal takes up the pen in the evening. She tells “a class that looks like a slice of Swiss Emmental”, also evokes Pierrot the civil servant, “which works only a few minutes a day”, and finds high-quality titles (“Hello uncle, why are you coughing?” , “Don’t touch that, p’tit con!”), Echoing each memorable day.

… Humor, emotion, tenderness

His texts first find an audience in the teachers’ room. Colleagues applaud “humor, emotion and above all tenderness”. Five years later, the doubt of the beginnings has vanished. “In Segpa, we are not just a teacher,” said the old instit ‘. We heal wounds, we tinker, we improvise. It takes time and a lot of resources to put the wings back on. We do a great job, with esteemed and kind kids. Even if I can hear the little government music that finds that we are not inclusive enough and that we are too expensive ”.

The support of Alexandre Jardin

Of the past covid year, Alice Versal has released 160 pages and as many jubilant “Go on man, she’s suck, the daronne, when she gets angry!” », Which she now publicly shouts on Facebook. From Paris, the writer Alexandre Jardin gives its full support to the one he met at the Livr’à Vannes trade fair in September 2018.

This teacher brings back a lot of hope. She is talented and does an elite job. On its own, this book is worth well over 1,000 reports.

Seduced by the pen and the “galvanizing energy” of the Breton, the militant education writer sent the introduction of “Reparatrice d’Ailes” to the cabinet of Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer two years ago. The answer never came. “And yet, concludes the author, we see an exceptional level of commitment. This teacher brings back a lot of hope. She is talented and does an elite job. On its own, this book is worth well over 1,000 reports ”.