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Watches are not just for telling the time: they are an expression of our personality. With a new collection of cheerful characters for the Galaxy Watch6 series, Samsung Electronics and Dutch artist Eva Crémers make it easy for Galaxy users to show off their style, right from their wrists.

Eva Cremers is a Dutch 3D illustrator and animation director. Its playful, computer-generated imagery (CGI) style perfectly complements the Galaxy Watch6 series’ larger, brighter screen and enhanced interactive interface.

Samsung Newsroom caught up with Eva to discuss her design journey with Samsung and how her Galaxy Watch6 characters can become loyal companions around the clock.

Unpacking the collaboration

T1. Could you share your experience working with Samsung on the Galaxy Watch6 project? What was your creative process?

Certainly! This partnership with Samsung for the Galaxy Watch6 series has been a wonderful experience. I was asked to design a range of fun and quirky characters for users to choose from. These characters were designed with various activities in mind, like listening to music or playing sports.and I was able to experiment with creating personality traits for each character in my own style.

It started like most projects – with lots of sketches exploring different characters and brainstorming how to illustrate different activities to make them interactive with the user. Of theI worked closely with the Samsung team to refine every detail, from color palettes and textures to lighting effects and character animations to optimize the Galaxy Watch6 experience.

Q2. Can you tell us about your role and that of Samsung in this collaboration? How did this collaboration stand out from your previous experiences?

In this partnership, Samsung and I had distinct roles. My job was to design a set of unique characters for the Galaxy Watch6 series while Samsung brought its expertise in the technical capabilities of the watch to guide me on what was possible. The team gave me a lot of space to be creative and IIt was so fun to see my characters in a new setting!

This collaboration was different in that I was creating characters that people could take with them wherever they went. I really had to think about how to design characters that feel universal and appeal to a wide audience.

Design for Galaxy Watch6 series

Q3. You’ve created five characters for the Galaxy Watch6 faces: Ball, Frog, Flower, Heart, and Abstract. What makes each of these characters unique?

The Ball character is perfect for sports fans. It’s full of energy and bounce, making it an ideal companion for your runs. Then there’s Frog – a cool character, but keep an eye on your battery level as he gets tired when it’s low.! For nature lovers, the character Fleur is always in tune with the weather outside, giving you an idea of ​​what’s happening outside. Heart’s character is passionate about music, so just put on some tunes and watch him groove! Finally, Abstract is a particular typeface that stands out from the others: it is bold, graphic and colorful. Abstract even reacts to incoming messages, giving users a dynamic and visual way to stay connected.

Q4. What inspired you to create these characters?

I’ve always been inspired by old cartoons and classic characters. I love characters full of life!

For these particular characters, I found inspiration in imagining all the ways people use their watches throughout the day. The versatile capabilities of the Galaxy Watch6 series really sparked ideas for what the characters could do and how they would appear. For example, there is an energetic basketball that helps you exercise and a drained frog that serves as low battery alert.

Q5. Tell us more about the design process. What was the biggest challenge? How did you feel after seeing the finished product?

The design process presented its own challenges, as I had to work on a small scale and ensure that the characters’ movements fit seamlessly onto the watch screen. Despite these obstacles, I was elated when I completed the project. I love seeing my characters out in the world and knowing that people will take them everywhere!

It’s so easy to spend time with these characters on the new Galaxy Watch6 series. The watch face features a higher resolution and larger screen, meaning users can see the characters come to life on screen in a more vibrant and vivid way.

Q6. How do your designs reflect Samsung’s vision for personalization?

These designs perfectly reflect Samsung’s commitment to personalization. They allow users to choose from a variety of characters catering to various interests, whether it’s music, sports, or nature. These characters allow users to find a character that reflects their personality, along with many other watch face options available for the Galaxy Watch6 series. With these watch faces, I believe even more users will be able to personalize their wearable experiences. Users can also meet these characters in their Galaxy Z Flip5. Users can even match their watch face design with the Galaxy Z Flip5’s flexible window to create a more cohesive and personalized look.

And after?

Q7. What does this collaboration with Samsung mean to you? What are your next steps?

I have a soft spot for projects that people can wear or interact with. Seeing so many people sporting my design on their wrists is huge! I always want my characters to help people express themselves, and this collaboration achieved that. As users integrate the Galaxy Watch6 series into their daily routine, it’s rewarding to think that my designs could add an extra layer of happiness to their lifestyle, whether they’re developing healthier habits or improving their sleep cycles.

Looking ahead, my goal remains the same: to create work that brings smiles and spreads joy in all kinds of ways. For my next projects, I want to continue to design fun worlds where people have fun. I really loved this collaboration and hope to work more with Samsung in the future!

Eva Cremers’ stunning character designs for the Galaxy Watch6 series seamlessly blend creativity and technology, enriching the wearable experience for millions of Galaxy users. To learn more about design enhancements and other targeted enhancements to the Galaxy Watch6 series, stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom.


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