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In the morning, the sky is painted in shades of red, orange, yellow and pink.

“When we have rain you can see a rainbow and it will be cool because you can see everything,” she said. “Sometimes in town you only see part of it.”

Susan’s love for nature stems from an agricultural heritage that spans decades.

Her relatives were from Baden, Germany, and she believes they were farmers before coming to the United States in 1854.

After arriving in the United States, they moved to Wisconsin and then to Cedar Bluffs.

Her father, Christian Krause, grew up on a farm. After graduating from high school, he entered the military during World War II and served in Germany. Wounded twice, he received a Purple Heart.

Krause returned to the farm in Cedar Bluffs. He married Carol Rasmussen in 1947 and they had 10 children.

Susan was the second oldest child.

His grandfather, Roy Rasmussen, bought the farm south of Fremont, where his parents moved in 1954.

Here his father grew corn, wheat, alfalfa and baled hay. Christian Krause then quit farming and went to work at the Fremont hatchery.

Susan and Gordon married in 1969 and moved into what became Grandview Farm in 1970.


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