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The Council of State confirms the dissolution of Génération identitaire – RT in French

In a press release, the Council of State believes that the Generation Identity association “propagates ideas that justify or encourage discrimination, hatred or violence against foreigners and the Muslim religion”.

In a press release published on May 3, the Council of State confirmed the dissolution of Génération Identitaire (GI). The anti-immigration association had challenged on April 30 before the high court its dissolution decreed in March by the government, rejecting the idea that it incites hatred by systematically linking immigration and insecurity.

The announcement of its dissolution by the French authorities had sparked protests from several political figures, including Jean Messiha, Florian Philippot, or even Jean-Frédéric Poisson, who had gone to a demonstration of support. The philosopher Michel Onfray had also stepped up to the plate against the dissolution of the group.

But for the Council of State, the reason for its dissolution is well founded: “The summary judge observes that under the guise of contributing to the public debate on immigration and of fighting against Islamist terrorism, the association propagates ideas which justify or encourage discrimination, hatred or violence towards foreigners and the Muslim religion ”, specifies the text.

The press release was notably relayed on Twitter by the Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin, who was at the origin of the launch of the dissolution procedure.

During the summary hearing, GI’s lawyer, Me Pierre Robillot, considered that the association was only “questioning” on topical issues, in line with the public debates on these subjects. “For Génération identitaire, any immigrant is a potentially violent person who is likely to take action. There is an automatic link between violence, immigration and insecurity ”, had instead pleaded Pascale Léglise, the deputy director of legal affairs at the Ministry of the Interior, during the hearing.

Created in 2012, this 1901 law association, whose number of activists and sympathizers is estimated by specialists at 800, became known by occupying the site of a mosque under construction in Poitiers. She then deployed a banner evoking “732”, the year in which “Charles Martel defeated the Arabs in Poitiers”.

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