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the construction of a wind farm off Saint-Brieuc creates a stir (REPORTAGE) – RT en français

In the bay of Saint-Brieuc, a standoff is playing out between the fishermen and the region. In question: the construction of a vast wind farm. A high-stakes project for the Côtes d’Armor but nevertheless contested by the fishermen.

The construction of a 62 wind farm 16 kilometers from Saint-Brieuc (Côtes d’Armor) encountered strong local opposition. The fishermen are worried about the nuisance for fishing while the bay of Saint-Brieuc is home to the development and reproduction of many species. For its part, the Géoca association, specializing in the study of Côtes d’Armor birds, is worried about the preservation of the habitat of certain species which “may ultimately avoid this settlement area”, as well as the feared Yann February, in charge of mission for the structure.

The Côtes d’Armor fisheries committee filed at the end of September with the administrative court of Rennes two appeals to suspend and cancel the wind project. At the start of the summer, the site had already been the subject of controversy after a drilling vessel involved in the construction of the park caused “pollution of significant magnitude”. He had accidentally released a hundred liters of oil into the ocean.

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