“The confrontation between Petro and Maduro is a farce”: Paloma Valencia

Photos: Colprensa and Reuters.

Through her Twitter account, the senator of the Democratic Center, Paloma Valencia, attacked the candidate for the presidency of Colombia, Gustavo Petro. In that social network, the congresswoman assured that the alleged discussion between the former mayor of Bogotá and the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, is a farce. According to her, it is just an agreement between the two to ‘disguise’ that they have the same ‘project’: ‘Petrochavism’.

“The alleged confrontation between Petro and Maduro is a farce to try to counteract the damage that former President Zapatero (Spain) did to him by expressly supporting Petro when he is a top-level adviser to Maduro. They try to disguise that their project is the same. Petrochavism”, highlighted the supporter of the Democratic Center movement. It is worth remembering that, in previous days, Nicolás Maduro attacked the Latin American leftist leaders.

Every day there is a campaign against Venezuela. Out there a cowardly left has emerged that bases its discourse on attacking the successful, victorious Bolivarian model. In attacking the historical legacy and in attacking me as president. They have no morals, they have no level to attack the Bolivarian revolution (…) that cowardly left is a defeated, failed left. A cowardly left against imperialism, against the oligarchies. And so they want to put on a veneer so that the oligarchies will forgive them. And the worst of all is that they will not forgive them. They assume the worst face of anti-revolutionaries, of anti-Bolivarians”, said the president of Venezuela.

“I suggest Maduro stop his insults. Cowards are those who do not embrace Democracy (…) Get Venezuela out of oiltake it to the deepest democracy, if you have to take a step aside, do it”, answered Petro.

Ivan Cepeda
Ivan Cepeda

In an interview with the magazine Semana, Gustavo Petro assured that Maduro is a ‘guy’ who has not been able to separate Venezuela from oil, and that he is a person who is within the ‘leaderships of the policy of death’ ‘. “Maduro’s image is not that of a leftist leader, he is a very conservative member of the most regressive factions in world politics who are trying to defend the world from remaining in a fossil economy.”he highlighted.

In that same dialogue, he referred to the leftist movement as anachronistic, and pointed out that it is a very European word that, although it is very famous in the Colombian media, is “very little applicable.” “What exists today cannot be described as either left or right but through another political prism: it is the politics of life or the politics of death”he explained.

“What I would say is that the reality of the Latin American political world cannot be framed under the European prism of the left, right or center, it has to be framed from the postmodern perspective, which has to do with the political filter of life, as the consolidating criterion of a political”, he added.

It is not the first time that Paloma Valencia has attacked both politicians. It was last week when she assured that the socialism of the 21st century had its eyes on Colombia. The senator showed the discomfort she felt after Gabriel Boric’s victory in Chile, in fact, she assured that Petro and Boric represent ‘the same thing’.

“The socialism of the 21st century clearly cast its eyes on Colombia; You have already seen how the elected president of Chile came out to support Gustavo Petro and of course they love Petro, because he embodies everything that 21st century socialism, that ‘petrochavism’ wants for Colombia (…) The will of Colombians is free and international pressure is undueUnfriendly and above all dangerous. Boric represents the same as Petro”he stated.

President-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric and senator and presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro.  Photos: Reuters and Colprensa.
President-elect of Chile, Gabriel Boric and senator and presidential candidate, Gustavo Petro. Photos: Reuters and Colprensa.

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