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The conduct of scooter users is deteriorating according to the Axa Prévention barometer – France

Users of electric scooters “do not feel they are subject to the highway code” and their driving is “unconscious”, according to a road safety barometer * published on Tuesday by Axa Prévention. As a result of the health crisis and the evolution of modes of travel, the use of scooters and other EDPMs (Personal Motorized Displacement Vehicle) increased in 2020, but users respect the highway code less, according to this study. .

Among the 237 scooter users questioned as part of the survey, 78% said they made phone calls while driving at the end of 2020, i.e. 23% more than at the start of the year, 72% consult or send SMS (+25) and 65% consult or publish on social networks (+46). “There is a lot of deviant behavior. This is linked to the feeling that the scooter is an augmented toy, ”comments Eric Lemaire, president of the Axa Prévention association, to AFP.

“Not the feeling of being subject to the highway code”

The fact that “scooters are not considered dangerous, even under the influence of alcohol or drugs” gives rise to “unconscious” behavior, for Eric Lemaire who deplores a “problem of ignorance of the regulations” and a lack of communication campaign on the rules imposed on EDPMs.

79% say they are driving on the sidewalk, 68% do not wear a helmet and 66% do not stop at an amber light. “They do not feel they are subject to the highway code,” said the association in its press release, indicating that only 40% said they knew the regulations governing the use of EDPM.

The study also draws a typical portrait of the user of electric scooters: a man in his thirties, from the Ile-de-France region and belonging to higher socio-professional categories. A little more than half of users own a personal scooter while the other half uses self-service ones.

Telephone while driving: a persistent “scourge”

As for motorists, the study counts 53% of “good” drivers, 6% more than in 2019. They are 7% less driving at 10 or 20 km / h above normal speed (74% against 81% in 2019) and 6 points less not to stop at an amber light (65% against 71%). The use of the telephone while driving remains however regarded as a persistent “plague”.

* Study carried out by Kantar from January 6 to February 6, 2020 with a sample of 2,196 people then from November 4 to November 18 with a sample of 2,161 people, both representative of the metropolitan French population aged 18 to 75 years old.

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