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the city of Rezé asks residents to no longer wear jewelery “in a visible way” – RT in French

On the recommendation of the police who noted an increase in snatching in the town of Rezé, south of Nantes, the town hall calls on residents to be vigilant. Many commentators denounce a problem taken upside down.

The city of Rezé (Loire-Atlantique) made Internet users jump by posting on Facebook on September 13 a message asking its citizens to no longer wear gold jewelry “visibly” in public space to face the increase in snatching thefts in the town south of Nantes.

According to the Actu Nantes site, the publication aroused so many negative reactions that it was withdrawn from the social network by the city of Rezé. Many commentators denounce a problem taken upside down. “Do we ban skirts to fight against rape?” Asked a reader, reports the news site.

If it withdrew its publication on Facebook, the town hall on the other hand left a message on its website with the same recommendation.

The National Police are seeing an increase in thefts of necklaces, she reports. “The victims are often women over 60 traveling alone, and delinquents prefer gold jewelry,” says the town hall. “In view of this alert, the National Police recommends that you avoid wearing this type of jewelry visibly in public space,” adds the message which is intended to be preventive according to the town hall and the police.

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