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the building permit for a Muslim school withdrawn by the mayor – RT in French

New twist in the construction of the Muslim school in Albertville. The mayor has just withdrawn the building permit from the association behind the project after having been forced to grant it by court order.

The mayor of Albertville (Savoie) withdrew on July 28 the building permit that he had been forced to grant by court order for the construction of a Muslim school, he told AFP, confirming daily information The Dauphiné freed.

The decision of Frédéric Burnier Framboret, the elected various right at the head of the city since 2020, comes after the graceful appeal filed on June 18 by the prefect of Savoy against the court injunction.

“The judgment was subject to appeal and the State formulated it, as it has the right, for security reasons” linked to the location of the project, said the mayor.

“The case is ongoing. It is in the hands of our council ”, commented Fatih Sarikir, the president of the Islamic Confederation Millî Görüs (CIMG), which carries the project. The association, which deplores a political gesture, has two months to contest the decision of the councilor.

On April 6, the administrative court of Grenoble ordered the mayor of Albertville to validate the building permit filed in 2019 by this association which wishes to set up a school of 400 students in this city of approximately 20,000 inhabitants.

The court considered that the reasons given by the municipality, relating in particular to parking spaces, were not admissible.

A “separatist” project for the prefect

Opposed to this primary school project because of the proximity of the CIMG to the Turkish government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the city appealed against the decision to the administrative court of appeal of Lyon, supported by the prefect of Savoy who considers this project “separatist”.

In a forum, Frédéric Burnier Framboret considered himself “helpless” to “counter the establishment of associations or companies led by foreign powers, which promote a crystallization of identity in the heart of our territories”.

For his part, Engin Seller, the local representative of Millî Görüs, defended himself from wanting to build anything other than a “denominational school, like [en] have Catholics or Jews ”.

On April 12, the government had passed a last-minute amendment to the bill on separatism to allow the prefect to oppose the opening of schools supported by a foreign state “hostile” to the Republic.

Five days later, a demonstration called for by the National Rally had gathered in Albertville a hundred people opposed to the construction of the school.

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