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The body of a man, dead for several days, discovered at his home in Ploufragan – Ploufragan

The body of a man was discovered by police and firefighters in Saint Brieuc, on Friday April 30, at his home, in a building in the Villes-Moisan district, in Ploufragan.

A mailbox that “overflows”

“Newspapers had piled up in his mailbox for at least five weeks. There was even a package ”. Late Friday afternoon, while she was coming home from work, Lucie notices an over bill. “My mate and I had been worried for a while. He often knocked on his window, the shutters of which remained closed, but without response, ”testifies this neighbor, who has lived for ten years on the second floor of the building. Around 5:15 p.m., Lucie picks up her phone and dials 17.

On site, the police and firefighters of Saint-Brieuc discovered the body of the deceased man in his room. “A terrible odor invaded the hall and the surroundings of the building”, relates Lucie, still in shock.

Loneliness drama

According to several neighbors, the man, helpful but very discreet, had lived alone in the building for about ten years and sometimes went away to visit his Reunionese family. Valérie, who often heard her neighbor singing from her apartment on the first floor, “regrets” not having acted sooner. “I was afraid that the firefighters would break his door for nothing…”, she breathes. And wonders, too, about the loneliness of the inhabitants of this large group of buildings. “I know that one day I will leave here, and my mother will be alone at her home. Can the same happen to him? All these questions have been going round and round in my head for three days ”.

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