The best safety razors for a close shave

As someone who struggles with easily irritated skin and thick, dark hair, shaving is the least desirable part of my beauty routine. While no one should feel like they have to rid their body of completely natural hair growth, it would be nice to have a shaving option that doesn’t produce painful ingrown hairs and inflamed razor burn in the process.

Dr. Snehal Amin, co-founder and chief surgical officer of MDCS Dermatology, told HuffPost that if you want a close, irritation-free shave, you may need to throw away that disposable plastic cartridge razor for good.

″[Cartridge razors] typically house two to seven slender, single-edged blades. Most of the cutting is done by the first blade, which dulls quite quickly. The rough blade then pulls the hair without cutting it completely, causing irritation and inflammation,” Amin said.

He also explained that the typical lightweight designs of plastic razors mean that they don’t sit on the skin in a steady motion and require extra pressure to cut hairs effectively. This results in unnecessary tugging, peeling and stretching of the hairs, which can cause ingrown hairs and irritated hair follicles.

The superior alternative is actually nothing new, but something similar to the straight blade razors that barbers have been using for years. Almost always constructed entirely of metal, weighted razors house a double-edged blade in a stable, immobile head. The heaviness and stagnant angle are what give these safety razors an edge over their flimsy drugstore competitors.

“With a weighted razor, you use the weight of the razor to shave as it glides over your skin, rather than digging the blades into your skin like with disposable razors,” said co-founder Jonathan Keren. from Maapilim, a company that specializes in grooming.

Keren said weighted razors can be a more effective option for coarse hair that grows at different angles, making them a suitable razor to use on all areas of the body, including coarse hair on the face or area. bikini.

And if you’re looking for ways to reduce your impact on the planet, most safety razors are meant to last a lifetime, unlike short-lived disposable options that end up in landfills after a few uses. Keren suggested buying a plastic-free, recyclable blade bank to safely hold used blades, because the blades should be replaced every five to seven shaves, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This route is often more cost effective in the long run since replacement blades are relatively inexpensive.

For people used to traditional disposable razors, the thought of using a weighted razor can seem daunting. However, Keren said he had a minimal learning curve.

For areas like the face and bikini line, “I would recommend three passes: first across the grain, another against and a final pass against it, and for the legs, one pass against the grain is best,” did he declare. Be sure to use a light touch and an emollient shaving cream, oil or soap.

If you’re ready to lather up and get a close shave, keep reading to see some beautiful weighted razors that will last a long time and look great on your bathroom counter. They can even make you enjoy the act of shaving.

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A rose gold safety razor designed for sensitive skin

Yes the People developed its single blade rose gold safety razor specifically for sensitive skin. The company paid special attention to the head angle, blade exposure, and perfectly balanced weight that would provide ideal pressure on the skin. One reviewer said this razor gave them the best shave they’ve ever had, while another said they really enjoy shaving now.

The razor comes with 10 German engineered stainless steel replacement blades; However, you can also get a 10-pack of razor refills from Oui the People as well.

An affordable metal razor that delivers a controlled shave

Green Estate’s three-piece razor securely holds a double-edged blade between two sections of metal to provide a controlled shave. The handle is textured for a non-slip grip even when wet, and it comes with 10 100% recyclable replacement blades.

A double-edged safety razor with a short, heavy handle

This silver razor from Merkur features a sturdy, non-slip handle for a secure grip and light weighted pressure while shaving. A reviewer on Amazon said it offered the perfect combination of blade angle, alignment, and weight to give a very close, non-aggressive shave.

A popular weighted razor with a stand

This rust-resistant safety razor from Zomchi has nearly 3,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. It features a textured handle to prevent slipping even when wet and comes with a matching chrome plated brass stand for convenient storage. The simple mechanical design is well balanced for a comfortable and secure grip and the razor comes with five platinum razor blade replacements.

A classic handcrafted double edge safety razor

Maapilim’s rose gold metal razor combines elegance and functionality and is specially designed to provide a close shave while avoiding nicks, post-shave bumps and ingrown hairs. It comes with five double-edged replacement blades.


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