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The best horror video game head-to-head (2023 edition): the winner revealed

Last week we kicked off IGN’s Festival of Fear, and part of the occasion was the return of our Best Horror Video Game face-off. We added the latest batch of terrifying games to the list, like Resident Evil 4 Remake, Lies of P, and Sons of the Forest, to see if any of them had what it took to dethrone Silent Hill 2 ( who won the last Face-Off). one year ago).

After thousands upon thousands of battles, a new horror gaming champion has now ascended the spooky throne, leaving Silent Hill 2 in his wake. So which game took home horror’s top honor? Chilling drum rolls, please…

With a winning percentage of 84.0%, Resident Evil 4 Remake has, unsurprisingly, become the new winner for best horror video game of all time according to IGN’s audience. While this may be one of the less shocking outcomes of this showdown, it’s clearly more than justified since we gave this remake of one of the most popular video games a 10/10. most famous of all time.

“Whether you’re a fan of the original or a newcomer looking for the highest quality action and horror, Resident Evil 4 is like a parasite-riddled Spaniard: a total no-brainer,” wrote Tristan Ogilvie of IGN in its review. “Its combat is frictionless but no less stressful thanks to its cast of ferocious creatures, its story moves quickly through a series of action scenes that are diverse in structure but uniformly unflinching in intensity, and its world is rich in detail and full of amusing and often surly surprises.

However, Resident Evil 4 Remake didn’t run away with victory, as it only beat Resident Evil 2 Remake by 0.1%, proving that every vote really does count! Resident Evil 2 Remake also placed second in our original horror game Face-Off, and a year hasn’t changed many people’s minds about the quality of what Capcom is doing with these projects.

As for the rest of the list compared to last year, the top 10 in this matchup is Resident Evil 4 Remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Dead Space, Silent Hill 2, the original Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard . , Resident Evil 2, Silent Hill, Resident Evil Village and Dead Space 2.

If we compare these winners to last year’s list, we see that the top 10 of 2022 were Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, Dead Space, the original Resident Evil 4, Silent Hill, Resident Evil Village, the original Resident Evil. Evil 2, Silent Hill 3 and Resident Evil Remake.

One thing is clear, IGN’s audience love Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Dead Space! These mega-franchises have held strong in their relative positioning, proving the strength of the foundations they have all built.

On the other side of the scary spectrum is Cooking Companions with a winning percentage of just 11.7%. He was joined by HumanitZ, Bigfoot, The Coma: Cutting Class, Eresys, Slay the Princess, Atama, Enemy Zero, Anatomy and Uncanny Valley.

As with many of these head-to-heads, it’s clear that big franchises have the power to rise to the top of the competition, and sometimes these indie titles just don’t have enough of a presence to compete against them. this type of battle.

That being said, many of them are beloved and terrifying experiences that we encourage fans of the genre to check out. Just because a game doesn’t succeed in a matchup like this doesn’t mean it’s not a special experience that you might be interested in!

Wondering where your favorite horror video game ended up, like PT perhaps? (It took 15th place) For all the rankings, you can check out the full list of where the 141 horror games that participated in this showdown ended up. You can also check out the 2022 Face-Off to see how they compare!

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Adam Bankhurst is a staff writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Tic.

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