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The airplane compartment opens, the luggage falls

May 2 – AVOCA – An American Airlines spokesperson says an investigation is ongoing to locate missing baggage.

The question is: “How did he disappear?”

On Saturday April 24, the Times Leader received two reports that a plane took off from Wilkes-Barre / Scranton International Airport that morning with an unsecured compartment where luggage is stored. Reports indicated that the compartment opened when the aircraft was in flight and that some baggage may have fallen.

Carl Beardsley, executive director of the airport, directed the newspaper to American Airlines, which is contracting with SkyWest Airlines.

American Airlines spokesperson Whitney Zastrow provided the following information in an email to The Times Leader:

“On April 24, American Eagle Flight 3029, operated by SkyWest Airlines, from Scranton, Pa. (AVP) to Chicago (ORD), returned to AVP due to a possible mechanical problem.

“The flight landed safely and taxied to the door on its own.

“Our customers continued to Chicago on another plane.

“We are investigating the situation and are sorry for any inconvenience to our customers.”

Zastrow also provided additional information:

– The plane was a CRJ-700.

—56 passengers were on board.

—Departed at 6:16 am and was back in the field at 6:28 am local time.

– Upon arrival in Scranton, a customer reported a missing bag and “we are working closely with this person”.

No additional information was available.

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