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The about-face continues in the bond market


Yields on 10-year Treasuries climb more than 3bp to 1.34% today

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This reduces some of the fall in yesterday’s yields, but in the grand scheme of things there is simply nothing significant about the back-and-forth movements of Treasuries over the past few weeks – despite larger movements elsewhere in the market.

10-year yields rebounded just over 3 basis points to 1.34%, but that doesn’t bode well as the range since July and August continues to hold.

Until a technical breakout occurs, there is nothing particularly significant or significant to extrapolate from the fluctuations in the bond market – for the most part.

For now, it only serves as a general indicator of risk sentiment while not providing any major clues as to the general market landscape as we digest major developments in recent times, namely the Fed’s cut expectations. , concerns about COVID-19 / global growth, inflation and China.