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The $ 300 million carbon fiber superyacht concept with its own shipyard

(CNN) – Designing a superyacht concept that stands out from the rest is not easy these days, as designers continue to push the boundaries, with increasingly innovative ship designs.

The 100-meter vessel is designed to be made entirely from dry carbon fiber, making it 50% lighter than other similarly sized yachts made from aluminum, iron or steel, according to the design team.

It will also have its own private shipyard on board, allowing tenders up to 1.5 meters to moor inside.

Geometric lines

A rendering of the Saturnia, the latest yacht concept from Lazzarini Design Studio.

Courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio

The designers envision the yacht to be powered by hybrid propulsion consisting of two diesel engines and a central electronic waterjet system, which will produce fewer emissions and result in an estimated top speed of 30 knots.

Seating up to 20 guests, as well as 20 crew members, Saturnia, which is fitted with high ceilings and huge sliding windows, is to be spread over five different floors and also has an antenna area on the roof.

However, the layout is not set in stone and the interior can be customized according to the owner’s requirements. All that remains is to find a buyer willing to shell out the roughly $ 350 million needed to bring it to life.

As is customary for a superyacht design of this stature, Saturnia must be fitted with a number of top-of-the-line amenities, including a glass-bottom saloon that offers unobstructed views of the water below. below and it will have a maximum speed of 30 knots,

Private harbor

The $ 300 million carbon fiber superyacht concept with its own shipyard

The ship must have its own shipyard on board, which will allow smaller yachts to moor inside.

Courtesy of Lazzarini Design Studio

But there is no doubt that its shipyard, which can be accessed through two separate openings on either side of the ship, is its most eye-catching feature.

While the Saturnia concept is still in the early stages of the design process, there is already a lot of interest in the project and the Lazzarini team are hopeful that a buyer will join them.

If the concept were to be picked up, it would take around two and a half years, which means we could see the Saturnia become a reality by 2024.

The unveiling of Lazzarini’s new concept comes after the design studio revealed a series of nature-inspired designs, including the Prodigium, which was notably shaped like a shark.
Meanwhile, South Korean designer Yeojin Jung recently unveiled the impressive superyacht concept Estrella, which closely resembles the Y-Wing fighter, a fictional spaceship that has appeared in various “Star Wars” movies. The concept won the bronze medal at the 2021 A’Design Competition and Prize.


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