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The 12 point change plan will improve the revenues of the service partners: CEO of the urban company

Days after more than 100 estheticians demonstrated outside the Urban Company office in Gurugram, the company reduced the commission it charges beauty service professionals.

Urban Company is a market leader in the odd job economy for professional and skilled workers. It has also released a 12 point change plan for those who provide services on its platform. The startup is also “slightly” increasing the prices of several highly demanded services in all categories to increase the net salary of its partners.

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To discuss Urban Company’s 12-point change plan and growth roadmap, CNBC-TV18’s Alisha Sachdev spoke with Abhiraj Bhal, CEO and co-founder of the company.

Bhal said, “Let me start by saying that at the heart of Urban Company are our service partners. We love our service partners and we work every day to make sure they have better incomes and a decent life. We’ve always been proud to offer a platform that delivers significantly higher revenue than offline revenue, as well as a social safety net around insurance and other benefits to our service partners.

“When these protests took place last week, we could have said, let’s move on, let’s just ignore it. In fact, over the past seven days we’ve seen more business on our platform than ever before. But that’s not who we are as a company. We took this as a moment to do an inventory check. On Sunday we released a very transparent fashion, perhaps the first time that a player in the gig economy has released all of their income data, as well as all data points regarding Social Security benefits. that we offer.

On the 12-point agenda, Bhal said, “We went to talk to all the service professionals on the platform across all categories and cities in India. We have spoken to thousands of professionals in the last 72 hours and have put together this 12 point agenda across all categories and cities in India. We believe that these 12 points will significantly improve the incomes and livelihoods of both partners. We have now removed almost all partner blocks except rating blocks with this simple change the blocks are reduced by over 80%. We have reduced the highest commission bracket from 30 to 25 percent in beauty categories, we are making marginal price improvements. We’ve also made sure that penalties are drastically reduced, product prices are changed, and any last minute cancellation penalties we collect from customers are passed on to partners in full. “

He added: “Beyond that, we are setting up a dedicated helpline for our female partners to help them with SOS and security aspects. We will invest more in skills. We will also make customers aware of the dignity of work, by providing drinking water and sanitation to our partners. We will be extending our support for free vaccination until the end of this calendar year. We also announced many other changes. But deep down, we want to go out there and make sure that this 12 point program makes our partners happy. “

Regarding the scoring system, he said: “Regarding the scoring system, the only change we are making is that previous ratings were only to be calculated on the last 50 orders you delivered, we are now increasing this. threshold. to 100 orders. We take customer experience very, very seriously, as do all of our partners. “

For a full management commentary, watch the video.

(Edited by : Aditi Gautam)