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Thanksgiving miracle: 97-year-old man saved from burning house by 2 police officers

HATBORO, Pa. (CNN Newsource/KYW/WKRC) – A 97-year-old man has more than the usual reasons to be grateful this Thanksgiving after two police officers rescued him from his burning home.

What was supposed to be a normal vacation almost turned into a disaster, but thanks to the heroic actions of two police officers, the day was saved.

“3:30 a.m., cars in the driveway, your hair stands on end, thinking there are probably people inside this house. We’re the ones here right now, so it’s about time to take action,” said Hatboro Police Sgt. Aaron Simon.

Sgt. Smith and his partner, Officer Robert McMahon, arrived on the scene and could already see flames coming from the second floor of the home. Their body camera footage captured the entire incident.

After entering, the two officers saw almost nothing in front of them, but they could barely hear someone softly calling for help upstairs.

“His room was right next to the room where the fire was and the flames were partially coming out of the room, so we couldn’t go any further,” said Officer McMahon.

The elderly owner was trapped in the room next to the fire.

“When I finally got to see him, about a foot into his room, two feet into his room, that’s when I took a deep breath and ran and got him ripped out as far as possible,” Officer McMahon said.

McMahon tried to carry him as much as he could, but the smoke was so thick it forced him to take breaks. Sgt. Simon saw this and intervened, the two taking turns carrying the man out of the burning house.

After a few attempts, the two officers were able to transport the homeowner to safety outside.

Facing such a difficult situation, especially on a holiday, made these two officers more than grateful.

“Knowing that he’ll be able to spend another Thanksgiving with his family, whether it’s 10 Thanksgivings or just one more, it’s very nice that this man is alive today,” said Sgt. Simon. “I came home and my son was already up, I gave him a big hug and a big kiss, you have to cherish every moment of life.”

“He’s alive, we’re alive, that’s all you can ask,” Officer McMahon said.

The 97-year-old man was then transferred to a local hospital. His full status is unknown, but he is believed to be fine.

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