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Texas man charged with dragging his mother’s ex and setting truck on fire

A Texas man has been charged with murder after he allegedly dragged his mother’s former romantic partner and then set him on fire.

Robert Eugene Hoffpauir, 37, arrived at his mother’s home on Sunday evening where a “domestic disturbance” occurred between her and her former partner, Roman Rodriguez, according to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. Hoffpauir is said to have beaten Rodriguez “into submission” in a bout before tying a tow strap around the ex-partner’s waist.

He then attached the strap to Rodriguez’s van, according to the sheriff’s office.

“Based on the evidence found, it appears that Hoffpauir then dragged Rodriguez out of the house a long distance down the road where the truck and Rodriguez were abandoned, and then the truck was set on fire by Hoffpauir,” the office said. sheriff.

It is not known whether Rodriguez died before he was allegedly dragged by the truck or not. An autopsy is in progress.

The Texas Rangers are participating in the investigation due to conflicting statements about what happened.

Hoffpauir’s bond has been set at $ 1 million. It is not known whether he retained the services of a lawyer. The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office did not immediately respond to an NBC News phone call on Wednesday.

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