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Texas grocer HEB rations some purchases due to bad weather

Texas supermarket chain HEB is closing some stores, reducing hours of operation for others and limiting customer purchases of items from breast to propane tanks due to inclement weather and power outages in the state.

Retailer operating changes follow a major winter storm that affects residents and businesses struggling with some of the coldest temperatures in decades in Lone Star State, where nearly 3 million homes and businesses remain without power.

HEB – which operates more than 400 stores in Texas and Mexico – listed 23 stores in Austin and central Texas as temporarily closed Wednesday afternoon, as well as nine stores in San Antonio.

Some of his other stores were opening later and closing earlier due to dangerous ice storms ravaging the state.

Texas grocer HEB rations some purchases due to bad weather
HEB store seen in San Antonio, Texas, during the storm.


The retailer is also restricting purchases of more than a dozen products, telling customers they can only buy up to two of each food, including brisket, chitterlings, water, eggs, milk and bread. Sales of propane tanks and disinfectants were also limited to two.

Here’s the full list of limited purchase items:

Foodstuffs (all HEB stores)

  • Brisket – Limit 2
  • Frozen Chitterlings 5 ​​LB – Limit 2
  • 10 LB Frozen Chitterlings – Limit 2
  • Gallons of water – Limit 2
  • Multipack of water – Limit 2
  • Gallons of baby water – Limit 2
  • Multipack of baby water – Limit 2
  • Eggs – limit 2
  • Milk – Limit 2
  • Bread – Limit 2

Non-food items (all HEB stores)

  • Propane tanks – limit 2
  • Aerosol disinfectant sprays – 2 items
  • Alcohol swabs (isopropyl) – 2 items
  • First aid and cleaning gloves – 2 items
  • Trial & Travel size disinfectant wipes / sprays – Limit 2


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