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Texas Cabinetmaker Republic Elite Creates 125 New Jobs in Lawrenceville Through Offshoring and Expansion |  New

Texas-based cabinet maker is expanding and relocating to Gwinnett County after acquiring a Lawrenceville-based company Partnership Gwinnett and the Georgia Department of Economic Development, announced Thursday.

Republic Elite’s move to Lawrenceville, following the acquisition of Windsor Kitchen and Bath, is expected to create 125 new jobs in Gwinnett County through the expansion and relocation of the business. Republic acquired Windsor due to increased demand for multi-family cabinetry, according to Partnership Gwinnett.

“This is an exciting time for Republic Elite,” said Jeff Kroyer, Republic Elite vice president of purchasing and special projects. “Our rapid growth presented real challenges in terms of space and talent. This was a rare opportunity to acquire a high quality manufacturing facility in a location with excellent transport links and to take advantage of a local population with skills relevant to our business.

Republic Elite will occupy 100,000 square feet of existing plant and equipment space in Lawrenceville to increase capacity by 40%. This space will also allow the company to manufacture 315,000 more cabinets than it could previously have before the Windsor acquisition.

“Our growth in the east is driven by demand, which is why this acquisition is such a critical part for us,” said Adam Sumrow, Commercial Director of Republic Elite. “With this presence in Georgia, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint, our freight costs and expand our melamine collections to new customers.

“The acquisition of the Georgia plant will also incorporate the latest manufacturing principles – digital factory, connected machines, robust lean manufacturing processes – to enable predictive quality and maintenance, and enable data-driven decisions to be made in the workshop in real time. “

Local officials celebrated the expansion and relocation of the business.

“It is a pleasure to welcome Republic Elite to Georgia as they continue to grow their footprint,” said Scott McMurray, Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Global Trade, Georgia Department of Economic Development. “This expansion into Georgia is a testament not only to our highly skilled workforce, but also to the support that Partnership Gwinnett continues to provide to businesses interested in creating additional jobs and opportunities for their community.”

Lawrenceville Mayor David Still welcomed the city to Republic Elite in a statement released by Partnership Gwinnett.

“We strive to create a business climate where businesses can thrive and we are delighted to see the growth of Republic Elite in our city,” said Still.

Meanwhile, Gwinnett County Commissioners Council Chair Nicole Love Hendrickson highlighted the new jobs that will be created by the company’s relocation to Gwinnett County.

“We are delighted that Republic Elite is expanding its footprint in Gwinnett County,” she said. “Adding 125 jobs to our community is a huge victory and highlights Gwinnett’s attractive climate for business growth.”

And, Jassy Ji, head of the Gwinnett Partnership project, said the local business organization, which is an economic development arm of the Gwinnett County Chamber of Commerce, is seeking to establish a working relationship with Republic Elite.

“We are looking forward to building a strong partnership with Republic Elite,” Ji said. “We are here to support them as they grow and expand within our community.”

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