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Terry Bradshaw casts a nasty shadow over ‘weak’ Aaron Rodgers in interview

Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw can still pitch strong – when it comes to shade.

The Fox analyst has repeatedly called disgruntled Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers “weak” in an interview with WFAN’s Moose and Maggie on Monday. (Watch the segment below.)

He also had career advice for the 37-year-old MVP.

“He doesn’t need the money, so he should probably just retire and go ‘Jeopardy!’,” The Pittsburgh Steelers said.

Rodgers, who recently hosted the game show and expressed interest in a permanent gig, ticked Bradshaw over his feud with the Packers’ management.

Rodgers have reportedly told the organization he wants out, and Yahoo has said the aging star is threatening to retire or not attend training camp if general manager Brian Gutekunst stays.

Tensions have simmered between Rodgers and Green Bay since the Packers picked quarterback Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 Draft. But Rodgers, who won a Super Bowl with the team, still managed to guide the Pack to a fifth NFC Championship game in his 16 seasons and to capture league MVP honors.

“Being so upset just shows me how weak he is,” Bradshaw said on Monday. “Who the hell cares who you write?” I mean, he’s a three-time MVP in the league and he’s worried about that guy they drafted last year? … And for him to be upset, my God, I don’t understand that.

Asked what Green Bay should do, the four-time Super Bowl champion replied, “Here’s what I would do. I wouldn’t budge. Let him complain. Let him cry. Withdraw. “


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