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Tennis.  Rennes Open: Andy Murray’s crazy career in five dates – tennis

Rennes Open

Winner of his first match at the Rennes Open, Andy Murray is the star of this record edition of the Bretillian tournament. If, at 34, the Scotsman is no longer at the peak of his career, he landed in the Breton capital with the biggest prize list ever: two Olympic titles, three Grand Slam titles and this eternal label of member of the Big 4 of the 19th century, alongside UFOs Rafael Nadal (35), Roger Federer (40) and Novak Djokovic (34). Back on the five dates of his career.

  • 1. September 8, 2009: a ticket for the Big 4
  • Ranked at the ATP since the end of 2003 and winner of his first tournament, at 19, in 2006 (San José tournament), the native of Glasgow (Scotland) remained from September 2009 to January 2014 in the gratin on the world circuit, with only 14 weeks outside the top 4 during this period. A regularity that he also experienced between February 2015 and November 2017 and which justifies his status as a permanent member of the Big 4 of the century. “He is the fourth best player of the last 20 years”, corroborates, moreover, Richard Gasquet, who could meet him in the quarterfinals of the Rennes tournament.

  • 2. August 5, 2012: another future is possible
  • Until then finalist of the US Open (2009), the Australian Open (2010 and 2011) and winner of “less flashy” tournaments, such as the Masters 1000 in Madrid (2008), Cincinnati (2008) , Miami (2009), Canada (2009, 2010) or Shanghai (2010, 2011), Andy Murray explodes in public view by winning the individual title at the London Olympic Games, in the summer of 2012, by dismissing Novak Djokovic in the semi-finals, then Roger Federer, on Wimbledon court, in the final. He shows that a future without these two UFOs is also possible … and confirms it, a few weeks later, by winning the US Open, his first Grand Slam tournament, on September 9, 2012, in front of the Serbian, world n ° 2 at the time.

  • July 3, 2013: consecration at home
  • Finalist of the 2012 edition, Andy Murray, Olympic champion on the same lawn, did not let his chance pass during the following edition, and won his second Grand Slam tournament, in front of his family, at Wimbledon, against Novak Djokovic , becoming the first Briton to win the prestigious London tournament since Fred Perry, in 1936. “I know everyone wanted to see a Briton win Wimbledon, I hope that makes you happy,” he addressed the crowd. after his coronation. A real consecration for the Briton, who made history stutter, winning his second Wimbledon tournament in 2016, and his last Grand Slam tournament to date.

  • 4. November 7, 2016: king of the circuit for nine months
  • Again a member of the top 4 since February 2015, Olympic champion in the summer of 2016, in Rio, and finalist in three of the four Grand Slam tournaments of the same season (victory at Wimbledon and defeats at Roland Garros and in Australia), Andy Murray takes the throne of the world circuit and takes the first place at ATP for nine months, until August 21, 2017. A place that the Scotsman took with philosophy : ” Everything happened so fast. I don’t really know if I digested the information or not. Becoming N.1 is not like it happened after winning a Grand Slam tournament or the Olympics. When we play a final, we win or we lose. While the ranking of world n ° 1, it is not the same ”.

    Andy Murray reached the top of the world at the end of the 2016 season. (Photo Andy Rain / EPA)
  • January 5, 2018: the inevitable operation
  • Regularly the victim of injuries throughout his career, the Scotsman (31 years old at the time) bowed to the obvious, at the dawn of the 2018 season, by withdrawing from the Australian Open and by operating on the hip, the main source of tension in recent months. Author of a white season, Murray announces, with great emotion, his possible end of career due to recurrent pain in his right hip, on the sidelines of the Australian Open 2019. “It is possible that the Open Australia is my last tournament (…). I can play with limitations. But having the limitations and the pain does not allow me to have fun in competition or in training ”. He manages to return to win the tournament in Antwerp, in October 2019, his last title to date, but certainly the most symbolic for the Scots, ejected from the top 100 since June 2018.

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