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Teenager Saves Boy’s Life 800 Miles Away After Watching Him Crash In Quad Live On TikTok |  US News

A teenager saved the life of another boy 800 miles away after seeing him crash his quad live on TikTok.

Caden Cotnoir, 13, watched a stream from Trent Jarrett, 12, driving his four-wheeled vehicle West Virginia when something seemed to be wrong.

Suddenly the video went black and Caden could hear screams.

From his room to New Hampshire, he heard Trent screaming numbers, so quickly rushed to write them down.

“All of a sudden his phone gets a little empty, you can see some light and you can just hear him screaming for help,” Caden told WMUR-TV.

Trent was shouting his grandparents’ phone number, as it was the only one he could remember, in the hopes that someone was still listening on the app.

Caden then called the number and Trent’s parents were notified.

They managed to locate him and found him stuck under the quad.

After 20 minutes stuck underneath, Trent suffered minor cuts and bruises, but Caden’s stepfather – who is the local police chief in Gilmanton – attributed his life to him.

“He did what he was supposed to do and he found the right people and it worked. It was an Easter miracle,” Police Chief Matt Currier told the TV station.

Caden was following Trent on TIC Tac because of their common interests in fishing and hunting.

They met via Zoom Monday, when Trent said, “I just want to thank him for everything he’s done.”

Meanwhile, Caden said the incident strengthened their virtual friendship.

“I think so, (yeah) if something happens I’m still there in her thing, so if something’s wrong I’ll probably be there, like to help and stuff, hope we can meet a day, “he said.

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