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Teenager repressed from a vaccine park in Rennes: a mother wonders – Rennes

In several Breton vaccination centers, niches no longer find takers, raising fears for the health authorities of a summer plateau. But, at the same time, some people are turned away for not checking the right criteria. Paradox of a vaccine strategy reaching its limits? In any case, this Rennes mother comes to bear the brunt of it. Her 16-year-old daughter is due to leave for Italy at the end of July. And rather than subjecting him to yet another PCR test – necessary to travel to Europe – she encourages him to be vaccinated now so that the recall sticks with his departure. Direction this Wednesday the vaccinodrome at the Robert Poirier stadium.

In theory, you have to wait until June 15 to see the centers open to adolescents. But within a few days, Carole anticipates the official opening by making an appointment on Doctolib, claiming co-morbid factors for her daughter. “Yes I cheated a bit but I didn’t lie to them when I got to the center. I did say that my daughter did not have any particular concerns. But in response, her daughter is denied the precious injection.

I thought that vaccination was more a civic duty but now I realize that it is a right

“Overzealous, I come across a firefighter who tells me that my daughter is underage and that she cannot be vaccinated. I thought that vaccination was more a civic duty but now I realize that it is a right, ”says Carole, quite angry. To formalize its dissatisfaction, the Rennaise then asks to file a complaint. But a center official comes to see her and basically reminds her that the law is the law. “He tells me that they follow the instructions. But the instructions are to vaccinate everyone, right? Especially since it is young people who carry the virus the most, ”she retorts. Only possible recourse for Carole: write to the prefecture. “I am amazed that this kind of speech is being made. Despite our requests, it was not possible to reach the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

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