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Teenage siblings find and return $ 1,000 discarded after bank robbery |  News

Two younger siblings are praised for their integrity after returning $ 1,000 they found on the side of a road, which MPs learned was stolen in a bank robbery.

The theft took place on January 22 at the Fifth Third Bank in Bangor Township. The next day, the suspect, Shane Gillette, was arrested in Pennsylvania, according to the Bay County Sheriff’s Office.

Gillette was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police for speeding and not having a license plate on her vehicle. During the traffic stop, Gillette told state soldiers that he robbed a bank.

On January 25, in Williams Township, two siblings, Elizabeth, 14, and Aiden Kunz, 12, were exercising as part of their virtual gym class. Outside, they took the time to clean up the garbage along a road.

During the cleanup, they found a chip bag containing $ 1,000. Elizabeth and Aiden immediately went to their parents to hand over the money.

The sheriff’s office said it later learned that Gillette threw some of the stolen money along the pavement inside the chip bag.

“Sheriff Cunningham would like to recognize the exceptional morals and ethics instilled in Elizabeth and Aiden by their parents and their selfless actions to do the right thing,” the Bay County Sheriff’s Office wrote in a Facebook post. “Elizabeth, Aiden and their parents are exemplary role models and deserve to be recognized for their honesty and integrity!”


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