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Teddy Riner refuses to become the vaccine promoter – RT en français

Asked about this subject, the Olympic judo champion refused to take part in the political debate on anti-Covid vaccination. Teddy Riner believes that getting vaccinated is only a personal choice.

Teddy Riner, Olympic judo champion, refused to take a position in the political debate on vaccination against Covid-19. Asked by RTL on September 14 on the health situation and the possibility that he would use his media aura to call for vaccination, the judoka stressed that he would refuse to take on this role. He responded in this way to the calls of the foot of Alain Fischer, nicknamed the “vaccine man” of the government, who called on celebrities to act in this direction.

“I am not here to say ‘vaccinate yourself or not” “, declared the athlete at the microphone of RTL before specifying:” Everyone is free to make their choice, […] it is a decision that must be individual. ” Being himself vaccinated, he explained that he had not had “too much of a choice” because of the preparation for the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Originally from Guadeloupe, Teddy Riner also expressed his support for the West Indies: “I am in solidarity with my island, with the West Indies, I know that it is very complicated, in particular because we do not have good hospitals”. “I send all my strength and energy, I am wholeheartedly with them,” he added.

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