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Teddy, 10, asks Apple to redesign the ‘nerd face’ emoji: ‘It makes me sad and upset’

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Teddy, a 10-year-old Apple fan from the United Kingdom, started a petition calling on Apple to rethink the “nerd face” glasses emoji. Teddy thinks the nerd face emoji’s prominent front teeth make it “absolutely horrible for people who wear glasses.”

“They’re making people think we’re nerds and it’s absolutely horrible,” Teddy told the BBC about the glasses emoji. “It makes me sad and upset, and if I find it offensive, thousands of people around the world will find it offensive as well.”

Teddy took matters into his own hands and designed a new emoji that he calls the “genius emoji.” The drawing shows a smiling emoji wearing glasses and without the “horrible buck teeth.”

“I like wearing glasses because they allow me to see much better, and they are beautiful and stylish,” Teddy said.

Teddy was inspired to start his petition by one of his teachers, Lisa. “He speaks about it quite loudly, but in a quite adult way, and I think that should also be supported and encouraged and praised,” Lisa said.

For now, the petition is only circulating within Teddy’s school and town. He plans to email it to Apple and also launch it online soon.

Apple has yet to respond to coverage of Teddy’s petition. We will be sure to update this story if there are any further developments. Teddy says he’ll “feel amazing” and “so excited” if Apple follows his advice.

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